Monday, June 1, 2009

Monday morning at our home

Today we got up @ 3:30AM. Roger is working over time this week so he is leaving early so he can still get home at a decent hour. I stayed up rather than go back to bed, since my beloved can't go back to bed I don't think it would be right for me to. This is different than I used to feel, I always used to go back to bed as soon as he was out the door. I have found that when I stay up and put myself to work I can accomplish so much.

Was such a nice feeling to wake up this morning to a nice clean kitchen~

Another wonderful sight early in the morning, an empty dishwasher~

After I got Roger off to work, I went to straight into getting my chores for the morning done. Laundry was started and I also got the stove top and the front cleaned~

After a few more things were done, bed made, pets fed,dinner prep done I came here to post some pictures and now am going to go sit in my favorite spot and have some much needed time with my Lord ~

Have a very blessed day


  1. I am such a morning person. If I do not get my work done in the morning, it probably won't get done!
    Your home is beautiful!!!!

  2. Joann, everything looks great in your home. We went through a time when dh had to get up at 2:30. That was rough for me, but I learned the same as you, that if I stayed up, I got alot more accomplished. I had all my chores, inside and out done today by 12:30. I am going to do some sewing as soon as I get off the computer. Have a great day. Winona

  3. Nothing like an empty dishwasher, huh? I get so aggravated when I want to put a dirty dish in and realize it is full of clean ones! I wish I could get more motivated to get up early and get more done. Enjoy your special time!


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