Monday, June 22, 2009

Saturday Roger and I drove over to see Jennifer's new apartment in Brentwood. It's about 60 or so miles from here. They have a real nice place and I am proud of the fact that she has it all decorated and everything put away already. I know that I have tried to stress the importance of striving to be a Proverbs 31/ Titus 2 woman and she seems to have picked up on the fact that it's important to have an organized and clean home. They moved in a week ago and with two little ones I know it can be hard to get everything done.They did have a 2 bedroom apartment here where we live but they were wanting some more space so they found this 3 bedroom for the same price that they were paying here for the two bedroom. I don't like the fact that they are so far away but it is at least close enough to drive over once in a while. Rent here is so expensive here it's just riduculous, their 2 bedroom small apartment was $850 a month. Who can afford that much when you are working for basically minimum wage!!

Here are some pictures of her new home~

Dylan's new bed~

This is the blanket that I made for him and his new little pencil shelf...isn't it cute??~

This is Katie in her new room~

The blanket that I made Katie~

This is Jennifer and Chris's room~

Here is the left side of the kitchen~

This is the right side of the kitchen~

The reason we were going over there on Saturday evening was to go out to dinner for Father's day we ended up going to Applebee's and the food was great...

Jennifer and Roger~

Here is a picture of Roger with Katie~

And of course a picture of me with Katie~

I also have to show this cute little picture of Katie sitting on her couch with her legs crossed, such a little lady!!

They didn't have a dinning room table so on the drive home Roger and I talked about it and we decided to give them our table and chairs and get ourselves a new set. I was wanting to get something darker than what we had...we found the perfect thing and I will be posting pictures of it real soon.We loaded up our table and chairs and took it over to them on Sunday evening. We ended up having a very busy weekend but it was very nice to be able to visit with Jennifer and her family.

Jennifer brought the kids by today and I have picture from that but will have to wait for another post, maybe tomorrow...


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