Monday, June 8, 2009

Weekend activities

This weekend seemed to just fly by. We had a graduation party to go to for my nephew on Saturday so that pretty much took up most of the day.

Friday evening we went out to Costco to pick up a few things and one of the things we bought was this new toaster~

Our old one had been not working for a little while now and I knew that I wanted to replace it with one that toasts 4 slices at a time. When I seen this one I fell in love with it. It is very functional but also very nice looking. It seemed to fit in the spot on the counter where the old one was very nicely~

Saturday I had planned to tackle a project(but time just didn't allow for it on Saturday so it was moved to Sunday) that has been a long time coming....going through all of my fabric scraps that were smashed into a bin. Most of them needed to be ironed and then folded. They were all less than 1 yd. and some are very odd shaped from cutting something out of them.

Here is what the living room looked like~

Finally at the bottom of the bin~

I made different stacks, one of prints, one of small prints on the same color, one of flannel, one of solid color, one of Christmas fabric and one of odd fabrics (don't even ask!!) Here is the stack of prints~

I did one stack at a time, here is one of the stacks all ironed and waiting to be folded and organized~

These are some new fabrics that were bought in the past few months that never got folded for the shelving~

All folded and organized this is just one of the stacks and one drawer~ (I like where I can see what colors I have)

I also have to show a beautiful picture of our new lawn~

every week it looks nicer and nicer. We did have one spot that didn't take the seed very good so we are reseeding that part but the rest is just gorgeous. I went out this morning and weeded around the tree and I plan on putting some flowers out there so it will give some color around the tree. We also bought 2 very large Geraniums to go on either side of the fountain, don't know when we will get those planted as Roger has no time during the week. I am thinking we will probably have to wait until next weekend. I will post some pictures when we get them in.

I have decided that after using that new chore schedule all last week that I do like it. I still have to make it a little more tailored for my needs but the basic outline it there. I thank Candy and DeNiece for having such wonderful and encouraging blogs with so much helpful information. Please visit their blogs you will really enjoy them. I am going to be working on my HMB this week so hopefully I will have a post about it soon. Seems like I have been working on it forever...I put it together and then decide I want to change this or that so then I take it all apart and put it back together and I have done this like 3 times now..I also am going to finish or restart a home tour. I had started one a while back and never finished it.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful Monday and is blessed this week.


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  1. End results of your fabric stash are very very impressive! Lots of work! doesn't it make you feel good to see how pretty it all looks now?


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