Thursday, January 28, 2010

We are making some changes....

Roger and I had a wonderful time this past weekend purchasing some new items for our home. We have had our 65" Mitsubishi television for over 5 years and we were wanting to get a flat panel one for a while now. I have been wanting to change the wood color in our home for some time now. I want to change from regular oak wood color to black. We found these 2 black bookcases at WalMart for only $25 each~

We also found a very nice TV stand at, unfortunately they don't carry the black one in the store so we had to order it online and it won't be here until next week. So that means that our new 60" flat panel Sharp Aquos is sitting in our dining area until the new stand comes~

THis is how are messy dining area looks now~

Here is one of the new bookcases put together~

We also purchased a Home Theatre group for our new living room furniture. It is coming next week also from J. C. Penney's It will consist of 2 rocker recliners in brown leather and a wedge that goes in between them with cup holders. They are very comfortable and I will post pictures of it all when it finally gets here. I can hardly wait...Saturday We are having a moving company come and move one of our couches and our recliner plus the 65" TV over to Jennifer's Apt. Hope everyone is having a wonderful week. We had some real nice sunshine today which was a nice change from all of the foggy/gloomy days we have been having. Tomorrow is my weekly shopping day and it's not supposed to rain until tomorrow night .

OH I also forgot to even mention that Jennifer came over last Saturday without the kids and she helped me go through every box and bin in the living room that came out of the craft room and she was such a big help. Now everything is organized and put back. We ended up with 4 boxes of giveaway and 5 bags of trash.

Mattie will be leaving Ft. Knox Friday the 29th for Ft. Hood Texas, he has also heard it through the Army grapevine that he will be deploying to Iraq in September:(

Have a wonderful weekend and I will be back to post pictures of the "New and improved" living room next week sometime.


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Monday was a bust for me ....

At least in the cleaning department! My energy level is below ZERO, so that didn't help very much.

I did get our sheets washed, the bed aired out and cleaned real good. It was so nice to go to bed with nice smelling clean sheets. After just a few things I felt as thought I had been working all day and had no more strength to do anything else so I am thinking this "kicking the sickness out" will take much longer than I had thougth.

Today I did do some work in my craft room, not much but I did manage to get all the boxes (and there were many) that were on the floor in the craft room under my table tops moved out to the living room. I just don't have the room in the craft room to go through everything so I decided I would go through them in the living room. Plus I will see them sitting there and be more motivated to go through them to get them out of the living room. Later today I plan on doing some vacuuming in the craft room and then nothing will return to this room unless it has a "HOME". I have a few things I would like to make for Valentine's Day and need to be able to get to my cutting area and sewing area, wich as of right now I can't do either :(
I also need to sew up the curtain for the craft room but it isn't a priority right now. The first priority is to get everything cleaned organized and put away. I have so much fabric that isn't on the shelves folded that takes up one entire large bin.

I just finished watching The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian and it was very good. Going to go start the boxes and put another movie on to watch while I go through things.

Yesterday I typed up a letter for my family and friends that will be sent out later tonight with a Picture card I had made. I was wanting to get a family picture to send to everyone and decided to make it into a card but since we waited to take the picture Christmas morning it obviously didn't get made in time to send out as a Christmas card, it will be more of a Happy New Year card. I only got 30 of them made and I sent out about 61 Chritsmas cards so not everyone will be getting the picture card.

So how is everyone's week going so far?? We have been having lots of rain and today it's pretty windy also.It took Roger 3 hours to drive to work today!! I really don't like him having to commute but I am thankful he has a job. Hoping the commute home won't be that long, his normal commute is about 2 hours each way.

I talked with Mattie the other day and he will be headed to his first Duty Station(Ft. Hood, Texas) on January 29th, he also said that he had heard through the grapevine that his new unit is deploying to Iraq in September. This didn't make me very happy to hear but it isn't official so I don't need to start worrying yet. I am trying to find enough things to keep my mind busy, I plan on reading, embroiderying, and sewing every moment I can just so I won't sit here and just be worried.


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Our New Year's Eve vacation 2009

As most people already know Roger and I went down to Disneyland for New Year's Eve. We left home around 5Am and got to our motel at about 11:30AM, traffic was pretty good. We stayed at a motel on harbor Blvd. right across the street from Disneyland's entrance so it was nice and convinient. The weather was a little cool but not cold so that was really good. Our motel had a great view of Disneyland, we were on the 4th floor and we were able to watch both the nightly fireworks and the midnight fireworks from our balcony. Disneyland was very crowded, we expected that but we couldn't believe how rude most people were. Usually when you bump someone you say excuse me or I'm sorry but these people just bumped and pushed and didn't care. We had a very nice dinner at the Blue Bayou restaurant, the one that is inside the Pirates of the caribbean ride. We love that place. We always try to have onc

here are pictures from Disneyland~

Our Motel at Disneyland~

Our room~very nice room but the bed was like sleeping on hard concrete

Disneyland 2009~

Disneyland sign~

The best part of the whole day at Disneyland was that I got to get my picture taken with Winnie the pooh!!

Roger, Me and Winnie the pooh~

Fireworks at Disneyland New Year's eve 2009~

We left Disneyland on New Years Day and made our way to Monterey with a short stop in a small town called Solvang

Downtown Solvang~

Me standing by a windmill and the Solvang sign~

When we got to Monterey we walked from our motel down to Cannery row and we had dinner at Bubba Gumps Shrimp factory, it was so good, then we walked around a little while and then went back to our room.

Our Motel in Monterey~

View from our balcony of MOnterey Bay~

We had a wonderful time but it was so nice to get home and sleep in our own bed. Also we missed Molly and Oreo a whole bunch. Since we got home we have basically been sick the whole time, now that I am feeling much better this week I plan (though I Do hold plans loosely) is to get my home cleaned and all the sickness kicked out!! I still don't have a lot of energy but figue if I just do things slowly I will be fine. Roger is doing laundry today so that is a big help.


Feeling much better today!

Ten days later I am finally feeling better. We even went over to Jennifer's and visited with the grandkids yesterday. We were supposed to go over last weekend but since we were sick it just didn't happen.

I am going to do some backtracking and start back at Christmas 2009, yes Matthew did show up and we had a wonderful Christmas morning at our house and then we all went over to my sisters house for lunch. MY nephew was home from Army basic training in Ft. Jackson South Carolina for Christmas so it was nice to see him too.

Here are some pictures from Christmas~

MY gift from Roger~

Katie with her princess kitchen~

Molly with her new toy~

Matthew and Me~

Me Matthew and Jennifer~

Matthew and his cousin Brandon~

Matthew and Brandon with their grandma (My Mom)

Here is a picture of my entire family~

I certainly hope everyone had a great Christmas!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

jsut a short post

THis is just a post to let everyone out there who have been e-mailing me and all that I am okay, but Roger and I are both sick, my head feels like it is about to explode and if my throat doesnt' stop hurting so much I may just have to chop my head off!! Roger stayed home from work on Tuesday but went back on Wednesday. I have just been feeling horrible and this morning it even hurts just to talk, or breathe which I am sure Roger is thinking is a blessing to him :)
Hope to put up a real post about our Christmas and our trip as soon as I can.

For all of those who have sent messages or e-mails thanks so much for thinking about me and please keep me in your prayers so I can get better soon. I hate being sick!!