Saturday, October 31, 2009

One year of Weight Watchers!

I know that it isn't the 5th of November yet but since I had the time I decided that I would put up my one year picture to compare with the first picture I had Roger take when we first started doing Weight Watchers.

Here is my begining picture~ I know how horrible I look and how big I was~

Side view~

Front View~

This picture was taken today~ 55.6 pounds lost

Side View ~

Front View~

I know there isn't a real big change and I have many more pounds to loose but it is coming off!! Just way slower than I want it to...

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. I got to talk with Matthew last night for 2 hours so my weekend started out so great. I have already booked his flight home for the 18th of December and then he will be going back on the 3rd of January for a little more additional training and then will go to his first duty station, we don't know where that will be yet but hope he finds out soon. I am so excited 49 more days till I see him again, I sure hope the time goes by fast.


Friday, October 30, 2009

Weigh in Friday

Today is another good weigh in day for me. I had gone for so long with loosing nothing and now seem to be on the right track. This weeks loss is 2.4 pounds bringing my total to 55.6 pounds lost......YAHOO!!!


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Just a quick note..

I am still here, but I have been sick for the past week. Hoping to get feeling better this weekend and start out next week all well. I am so tired of being sick and not feeling well. I have no energy and I mean worse than usual :) and I have a cough and sore throat,and I ache all over, no fever though so I am thankful for that.

HOpe to see you all on MOnday!


Just a quick note...

I am still here, but I have been sick for the past week. Hoping to get feeling better this weekend and start out next week all well. I am so tired of being sick and not feeling well. I have no energy and I mean worse than usual :) and I have a cough and sore throat,and I ache all over, no fever though so I am thankful for that.

HOpe to see you all on MOnday!


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Moving post from other blog

My husband is such a wonderful hard working man I just love him so much. We put grass seed in our back yard a few months ago. There were a few spots that just wouldn't grow the grass, we don't know why. One side of the lawn looked great and then the other side was just really splotchy, with 2 real big areas that were just bare. Roger decided to just order some sod in the same type of grass as what we seeded. It arrived here on Saturday morning around 7AM on August 22 and by 3PM my hard worker had put it all in, all by himself. This was a big job, around 400 Square feet of sod. First he had to rent a sod cutter to take all the old part out and then he had to cut a lot of the rolls to fit. He worked so hard and diligently until it was done. We now have a beautiful lawn all thanks to my very wonderful husband.
Here are some pictures of it where he had cut it out ~

I waited a couple of days for it to get settled before I took the after pictures~

Here it is all done~

It is so nice to have our backyard finally done, now what to do with my ugly snapdragons.. I put them around our tree and I am thinking of just pulling them out and replacing them, I wanted some color for around the tree but they only bloomed a little bit and now they are just an ugly green. I will be planting bulbs this fall but still want something in there for now. Will have to do some looking when I am out running errands tomorrow.


Moving posts from other blog

In one of my last posts I mentioned and showed pictures of our old elliptical machine. Well out with the old and in with the new. The Friday after we sold the elliptical we bought a new Nordic Track bicycle. It fits so much better than the large elliptical machine and Roger likes it a whole lot better.

New Bicycle~

This is what the fireplace area looks like with the new bike in the same place as the elliptical used to be~

I also that same week made some new curtains for the living room, I have always just wanted to have a valance so I could get in as much light as possible. That has changed so I bought 6 twin sized sheets at Walmart made a casing on the top (they are already hemmed) and slid them on the curtain easy and it looks so nice, very comfy and cozy..
Here are the new curtains~

I have been in the process of changing our hallway bathroom form beige and green to dark blue and black, I am looking for some crow things for some decorations but haven't found anything yet. I did get some black carpets, and that shelf is now painted black
Hallway bathroom~

I also made a shower curtain also out of two sheets that I sewed together and then I sewed a topper on it, The curtain is dark blue, and will eventually have some applique's on it of some crows and some stars made from the same fabric as the topper part..
Here it is so far~

Well I guess that's all for now wanted to get this up as I have many posts to put up but just not lots of days just don't seem to have enough hours in them right now.

Moving post from other blog:

Yesterday the postman left a little package in my mailbox and it was a gift from a very nice friend of mine, DeNiece . I had e-mailed her a while back when she was doing her kitchen videos and had asked her about her smock that she was wearing and where she got it. I thought the idea of a smock was for me a better idea than an apron. Most of the time if I get anything on me while cleaning or cooking it's on my top part not my bottom part so this made sense to me.
Anyway I opened the package and look what was inside~

Yes it is a very pretty pink smock, sorry I look so horrible but I had been cleaning the kitchen and had Roger take a quick picture so I wouldn't forget. She also included a card with a Bible verse she wrote in it
"For if they fall, one will lift up his companion (friend) but pity the person who falls down and has no one to help him up...." Ecclesiasties 4:10

Both the smock and the card I will treasure always. It just made me cry when I opened the package to see what was in there. I am truly blessed to have her friendship.

Since my experience with online friendship was so bad with that one person (I posted about her before)I have really slowed down getting close to anyone. DeNiece is such a true Christian woman with a heart for God and I have already told her on the phone that if I ever do or say anything she doesn't like then she is to call me and say "Joann~ What the heck are you doing~ so we can solve any problems we might have. Though I can't see having that problem with DeNiece or the other friends I have made through this blog. Because of one thing, they are all true and genuine people. Not afraid to show their mistakes along with their triumphs. They invite you into their homes and lives through their blogs and you feel welcome.

Now I have lots of things I want to post about but I will be posting them over the next few days so they will all have their own post, not just one big long one.

Blessings, Joann

Moving post from other blog: Revised Grocery list

This is our new Revised Master Grocery List Front and Back~(You have to click on it if you want to actually read it, though it is kind of boring :)

Today I spent some time working on a revised Master grocery list. I like the idea of having a Master list of everything we purchase. I shop once a week on Friday's so on Thursday I take my list and go to both my pantry and freezer and I highlight on the list what we need and then I will make a note next to the item of how many we need. I have been buying a few things in large quantities lately when I have seen them on sale. One example is Tuna, we eat a lot of tuna...Roger takes tuna everyday for his lunch. One of the stores in our area had chicken of the Sea tuna for 64 cents a can, but on some of the tops of the cans there were coupons for $1.00 off of 5 cans so for every 10 cans you buy you would get $2.00 off, $6.40 for ten cans minus the $2.00 off is only $4.40 so that's only 44 cents a can for a name brand tuna so I bought lots of cans and I still have about 6 of the coupons left. I am blessed to have a husband who put in a nice pantry for me so I can buy things in large quantities and have a place to store them. I will share some pictures at a later time. So back to my new revised grocery list. This time instead of just grocery items I also made a list of all of the other things we buy, paper products, personal items, cleaning items etc... When I printed it out I put the grocery things on one side of the paper and then put the paper back in and printed the Non food items on the other side. It took some time trying to think of everything we buy and I am sure I have missed some things. That's what's nice about printing it on the computer, it's very easy to come back to the page and just edit it to either add something or to take something off.

So everyone out there what type of system do you have in place for grocery shopping??? Let me know, I would love to hear how others do it. Also if you haven't signed up for my Fall giveaway make sure you go to that post and leave a comment, Friday the 9th is the last day!!

Blessings, Joann

Friday, October 23, 2009

Weigh in Friday..

Today is weigh in Friday for me. I have not been posting as much as I had wanted on the weight loss issue but really I just haven't been on the computer very much anymore. Some days I don't even turn the computer on and other days when I do it's only for a short time to read a couple of friends blogs. Anyway I have been really struggling these past few months and finally I think I am getting somewhere. It seems like the past few months I have been loosing and gaining the same weight kind of back and forth. Two weeks ago I had a gain of .8 now I know that doesn't sound like much but it's almost a pound! To me that is a LOT, then last Friday I weighed in and had lost 1.8 so I was down an extra pound than the week before. This week I was kind of worried about getting on the scale but was happy to see I was down another .8 so that brings my grand total loss to 53.2 pounds. This coming November 5th will be our one year anniversary of joining Weight Watchers and it has certainly been an adventure so far. Will be posting some new pictures (have some old ones posted on my other blog) when the 5th comes around.

Praying that everyone has a very blessed weekend.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Kaitlyn Faith Price

3 Years ago today I was at the hospital with my daugter Jennifer, in the delivery room. She was having a C-section and delivered a baby girl at 1:27 PM. She knew already that she was going to be a girl and she had the name picked out in advance Kaitlyn Faith Price you would think the middle name would have to do with something spriritual but in truth my daughter LOVES Faith Hill!! So that is where the name Faith comes from :)

Here is what her closet looked like before she was even born!!~

It's a girl~

She was so cute right after she was born~

Dylan didn't really know what to think of her~

Here she is at home~

Dylan holding her~

At her first Easter with her bunny~

Molly has always watched over her~

Here she is at 2 years old~

A picture of Katie with my Mom~

She just loves to pose for pictures~

And she likes to be silly too~

Kicking back with Molly~

Here she is with some pumpkins~

Now she is 3 and is getting cuter everyday and a little more silly. We love her with all our hearts and can't imagine our life without our little princess.


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Katie turns 3

Saturday we went over to Jennifer and Chris' house for Katie's birthday party. It was all decorated for a princess party. Katie was wearing a Snow white dress when we got there but some time before we left she had changed into a sleeping beauty dress???

Here is our little princess~

Her castle cake~

Getting ready to blow out the candle~

she got tired of waiting for everyone to come see her blow out the candle so she just sat down on the table and waited~

Her eating her cake~

Her with her new doll~

I also finished up the curtains I was making for the grandkids bedrooms

Dylan with his curtains~

Katie with her curtains~

And here is what I was talking about getting something new, New glasses..they are very different from my old ones. As the lady at the optical department said they are very bold. That's what I wanted something different...well that's what I got, Roger really likes them and so do I!!

Sorry the picture has a phone up to my ear but I was talking with Matthew!!!! He was able to call and he got to talk with everyone including Dylan and Katie all together we talked for an hour and a half. I was so nice to be able to hear his voice. I text him daily but don't get to actually talk to him too much.

Me and my new glasses~

Hope everyone has a wonderful week ahead.


I finished the curtains for the grandkids...

I finished up the curtains that I made for Katie and Dylan's bedrooms in time to bring them with us when we went over for Katie's birthday party on Saturday.

I just made seperate valances Princess for Katie's room and Transformers for Dylan's room. Then I used flat sheets $3 each for curtains underneath. We tied them up and Jennifer was very happy with them and so were the grandkids..

Dylan's curtains~

Katie's curtains~

I was happy to get them done so I could mark them off my list, I am still working on the stitcher's angel swap items but they will be in the mail very soon.


Friday, October 16, 2009

How does this look??

I did some major cleaning in my living room today and my back is really telling me I probably did too much. I moved all the furniture and cleaned under it with the vacuum. Of course I did not move the TV as it is too large and we had just moved it last weekend to hook up our new Blue Ray DVD player and while it was away from the wall I took the vacuum and cleaned everything I could reach...

Anyway we have a strange set up for a living room every wall has something on it!! What I mean by this is there is either a door way leading to the hallway, a door, a big window, a fireplace, and a doorway leading into the kitchen.

Here are pictures of all the four walls in my living room so you kind of get the idea~

The south wall~ Big Window and the door to the back patio~

North Wall~ Entry to kitchen and entry to hallway~

West Wall~ The TV wall~

East Wall~ Fireplace in the middle of it~

The reason for this post is that I moved one of our couches away from the wall and was wanting to get a girls opinion on whether it looks stupid or not. Roger says he likes what I did with angleing the couch but then he is a guy and not an interior decorator so figured I would ask my trusted wonderful friends on my blog.

The whole reason there is a problem with the furniture is because of the TV, it's a 65" Projection TV and basically takes an entire wall all by itself and there is no other wall it can be on because of the way it's hooked up (satelite cables, surround sound etc..) everything~ All the cables run under our house so to move the TV would be a major major event and one Roger does not want to do until we buy a new TV. We will not be buying a new TV for quite some time, this one works great and we really like it. We love to watch movies and just love having the big TV. The problem is that both of our couches were sitting up against both walls so that in order to see the TV one of us has to sit and turn our head just to see it (does this make sense?). I figured if I pulled the one couch out and put it at an angle you could sit there and be able to see the TV real good. But I am thinking it may look a little stupid to have it kind of sticking out in the room!! Since it's just me and Roger I am mainly doing this for our enjoyment but I also don't want to have company come by and think I am a nut case for putting it like that....I have plenty of people who think I am a nut case already don't need to give them more ammunition :) :)

Here is what the couch looks like that I took away from the wall~

This is the new living room arrangement~ this is taken from the entry/hallway and I know it's kind of blurry but it will have to do~

I am sure you all get the idea, so please let me know what you think about how it looks, I want your true honest opinions. I know I can count on you all to tell me the truth, that's why I like you all so much :)

Tomorrow We are going over to Jennifer's house for our little granddaughter's 3rd bithday, it's going to be a princess birthday because after all she is our little princess!! I will take lots of pictures to show you all. I also will be posting a picture of something I picked up today for myself that is real cool looking and I am very happy with that's all I am going to say for now you will have to wait for tomorrow to see what I got!!!

Hope everyone has a very blessed and wonderful weekend


Thursday, October 15, 2009

A wonderful suprise in the mail today

Look at what came in the mail today~ My gifts from my Stitcher's angel 2009 swap, it was a secret swap so I didn't know who it was until I got my package. Her name is Angela and she made the most wonderful things for me...

I did remember to get my camera out before I tore into the gifts, I'm not that patient when it comes to gifts :)

**Remember to click on the picture to see a close up**

This is how they were packaged, very pretty!!

This little bookmark is just gorgeous, look at all that detailed embroidery!! All I can say is WOW

Here is the cutest little pincushion also with some great detailed embroidery, and look at the colors so pretty

She also sent this little bowl with crows on it no less, I Just LOVE Crows it is just perfect!!

Then another greatly embroiderd piece, I have the perfect place for it already picked out just need to get a little hanger for it..the work that was done on these gifts  just really touched my  heart.

Here is a picture of all the items I received together ( she also sent an old looking tape measure that I forgot to take a seperate picture of)

Thank you to Angela from the bottom of my heart, the swap items you sent and put so much work into is truly something I will treasure always. Thanks for also getting to know me, now I will have to visit your blog to get to know you better :)

On Another note I did survive the dentist today, they just put a temporary in where I will be getting my crown on the 5th of November oh Goodie another dentist visit. I do have to say that my dentist is so wonderful she if very soft spoken, is always asking if I am okay and just really takes her time. Hard to find a dentist like this one nowadays.

Blessings to you all and thanks for all the prayers,