Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Today's book of the Bible is ......

I always think things happen for a reason. When I went to pick a book of the Bible today I picked up the cup and turned it upside down and shook it a little to mix up the pieces of paper when I was done shaking one piece fell to the ground. The first book was chosen for me!! I did not pick it out it just was to be and that book is John now how appropriate is that??

I know this system will have it's flaws as one person mentioned about one book maybe not making sense if you haven't read the one before but I figure it this way at least I am reading something and in time I think it will all come together.

So I promised some pictures, here we go

The books printed on my bright snazzy paper~

The book titles all cut up~

The cool cup~

All in the cup~

And of course I couldn't post without another picture of our little baby Mandy, she is one week older and that puts her at 12 weeks old(When we bought her they said she was around 9 weeks old but I looked up on a calendar and they were off a bit, she was born on NOv. 29, 2009) she is now 2 pounds 11 ounces so she is gaining weight good. She is doing okay with house training but some days I feel like a failure at it. Roger keeps telling me it's because she is still so young but I just want to make sure I am doing it right. She is full of energy and Molly has been very tolerant of her and they seem to get along very good so far. We usually let them play together every evening for a while and so far so good. Mandy is very snuggly and loves to lay on your chest or up on your shoulder.

I am feeling so much better this week than last. Being sick and having a puppy to take care of all day is not fun at all. I am trying to stay healthy but seems like I have been sick off and on for the past 2 or 3 months.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Pulling books of the Bible out of a hat...

Well to be more correct they will be pulled out of a real cool Cup I have. You are all probably wondering what the heck I am talking about.

The answer is that for the longest time I have been having problems with my Bible reading, the worst one is just not doing it! I always have such good intentions with reading the Bible but there are days when I just don't know where to start or which book to read. so I came up with my own crazy way of doing it.

I printed the books of the Bible on my printer on some real snazzy yellow (very cheerful) paper and I cut them all into small pieces with one book on each piece. I plan on putting them into this cute cup I have and every morning I will pull one out and that will be the book until it is finished!! Sound stupid to anyone???

I have tried for the past 2 or 3 years to get the entire Bible read, I dont' necessarily care if I read it in a year but would like to read every book. I feel like I have read Genesis so many times but not many other books. Whether I tried doing it by reading a chapter a day and then some of psalms and proverbs or Chronologically it still ended up with me doing real good for oh the first month then I start slacking off. I plan to keep this up if I am able so please keep me in your prayers I would sure apprecitate it. Also if there is a certain way or plan you follow please let me know I am open to anything that will help me get my mind in the Word of God everyday.

Tomorrow will be my first morning, I may post some pictures of my cool cup and the little snazzy yellow tags. Come by and see what book is on schedule for Wednesday.


Monday, February 15, 2010

Picture of the new living room furniture..finally!

I know this post is much later than I had planned and even yet the living room isn't exactly done but it was at least kind of clean today so I took some pictures.

Here is where our old tv used to be, we now have our old couch along that wall, notice there is nothing on the wall, it's all sitting next to the couch waiting for me to get busy and put things up.~

This is our new TV and stand, I really like the stand and it's built very good.~

New recliners are on the wall with the window, where one of our couches used to be~

We bought another black bookcase and are using it for our DVD's~

You may have also noticed the little "pen" sitting by the fireplace, that of course is where I have Mandy when she isn't in her crate. She is so small and so fast I am afraid I will loose her in the house.
We bought the pen at Walmart yesterday after picking up some other much needed puppy essentials~

Roger gave Mandy her first bath last night~

Here she is on her little pink blanket~

Molly and Mandy playing outside~

Saturday, February 13, 2010

We have a new family member!!

We have added to our family, today we got this little cutie~

We have named her Mandy and she is a 9 week old Schnorkie (Miniature schnauzer/Yorkshire terrier mix) she weighs in at a whole 2 pounds 5 ounces and is just so cute. I have never raised a puppy and actually said I never would but here I am with no clue what to do with her. We do have her in a crate, at least I know that much!

This picture Roger took of me with both dogs, you can see how small Mandy is compared to Molly~

This has been a very happy last couple of days for me, yesterday in the mail I received these beautiful potholders and towel from my secret sister(Thank you so very much)~

This past week we have had some very nice days of sunshine and I noticed in our backyard that our camellia bush is blooming, I just love the color of pink~

Today after driving down to get our puppie, about 80 miles south of here we came home and then drove over to my Mom's apt. and dropped off a heart of See's candy and visited for a little while then Roger and I went out to dinner.

I wish everyone out there who reads my blog to have a very Happy Valentine's Day!!

My Nephew Brandon will be graduating from Army Basic Training this coming week and my sister and her family are flying out there (south Carolina) tonight. Please keep them all in your prayers, Thanks

I just realized that I never did show pictures of the way the living room looks now that all the new pieces are here, but don't have any pictures loaded into the computer yet, hopefully in the next few days the living room will be clean enough to take some pictures :)


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

HEAVEN STANDS even when my world is shaking!!

This song is just beautiful. I heard it a while ago and the words just are so uplifting and are so what I am feeling in my life right now. I just love it when I hear songs that sound like they could have been written by me, not in the sense that I am a great song writer but that they are saying just how I am feeling..

Enjoy the song make sure to listen to the words