Sunday, April 24, 2011

My little boy turns "21" today!!!!!

Our youngest child turns "21" today. Matthew Thomas William Bates was born way back in 1990 on April 24th at 8:02 PM.

Mattie you are our most favorite son we could ever have!! We love you very much and I found a few pictures of your years growing up, very nice memories.....

Happy Birthday Mattie,
We love you very much and pray that the Lord Blesses you immensley on your birthday and all the days of your life.

Mattie one month old, May 1990~

Mattie and Jennifer May 1990~

Your 4th birthday part with the family at the park in Escalon, April 1994~

Your first day of school, August 1995, Kindergarten, Mrs. La Rossa, room A-1 Dent elementary Escalon

Giving Mom a great big smile while playing around on your bunk beds with your new comforter, January 1996~

Look at what a cutie you were, and still are :) January 1993~

You always loved to play in cabinets in the kitchen~

You and Mom at the In and Out burger in Bakersfield on our way to Disneyland,July 31, 2000~

You and Roger in our Motel room across the street from Disneyland , looks like you are both worn out from all the fun!!!, July 31, 2000~

Your 16th birthday party, the pirate party!! April 2006~

Sadly this year you are many, many miles from home in the middle of a desert in Iraq, but I still know it is your birthday and you will be in my thoughts as you always are every day of my life.

Lots of Love, we miss you bunches and bunches. Remember you will always be my little SB :)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

More deaths in Iraq...

I was just reading over at the facebook page of Mattie's unit the 3rd squadron of the 3rd ACR and they put up a post about the fact that they lost 2 young men on Sat. April 2, 2011. That means that there are two families out there who got that horrible news that no one ever wants to get. Please keep these soldiers in your prayers.

I have still not been sleeping well, didn't go to bed until after 5 am this morning and so my nights have become my days and I don't like it. We are still waiting to hear news of any job offers for Roger and it is just so hard waiting and waiting!! Right now we really don't care were the job is we are willing to relocate pretty much anywhere. We have been praying about it and we know that God already made his plans for us, but sure wish he would share it with us so we wouldn't be so stressed out all the time.

I am trying to talk Roger into taking a vacation because it would be good for both of us right now, but he says it's not the right time to take a vacation when he has no job. Okay I am sure he is right but to me him not working is the best time, he won't be missing any work days. Of course we only have unemployment to live off of right now and it is only a fraction of what his pay used to be so I guess I understand his thinking I just wanted to go to the Midwest and visit a few friends, take our doggies and rent a motor home and just drive and see where the road takes us.

I am giving Mattie's soon to be wife a Bridal shower in June so I have been busy with all that entails. I found some real pretty bridal shower invitations at party city the other day. She, her name is Sara lives in Las Vegas so I only really have contact with her through the computer, Sara sent me a list of names for the list and then I added my families names and right now I have 14 people on the list. That's a nice amount knowing that not everyone will be able to make it I am hoping to have maybe 10-12 show up.

I am still not in a crafty mood but keep seeing things on other peoples blogs that have peaked my interest. I also want to make something special for Sara for the shower it's only a few months away so I guess I better get my behind in gear and get going on something. Sara sent me some choices they have made about colors for their new place. Red for the kitchen (I love red) Black and white for the bedroom and green for the bathroom.

I have asked Jennifer to help me with the shower and she is in charge of games, I am trying to think of cute things for gifts for the winner of the game and thought about making some homemade dishcloths but not sure what else to make. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog may your day be greatly blessed.