Saturday, February 13, 2010

We have a new family member!!

We have added to our family, today we got this little cutie~

We have named her Mandy and she is a 9 week old Schnorkie (Miniature schnauzer/Yorkshire terrier mix) she weighs in at a whole 2 pounds 5 ounces and is just so cute. I have never raised a puppy and actually said I never would but here I am with no clue what to do with her. We do have her in a crate, at least I know that much!

This picture Roger took of me with both dogs, you can see how small Mandy is compared to Molly~

This has been a very happy last couple of days for me, yesterday in the mail I received these beautiful potholders and towel from my secret sister(Thank you so very much)~

This past week we have had some very nice days of sunshine and I noticed in our backyard that our camellia bush is blooming, I just love the color of pink~

Today after driving down to get our puppie, about 80 miles south of here we came home and then drove over to my Mom's apt. and dropped off a heart of See's candy and visited for a little while then Roger and I went out to dinner.

I wish everyone out there who reads my blog to have a very Happy Valentine's Day!!

My Nephew Brandon will be graduating from Army Basic Training this coming week and my sister and her family are flying out there (south Carolina) tonight. Please keep them all in your prayers, Thanks

I just realized that I never did show pictures of the way the living room looks now that all the new pieces are here, but don't have any pictures loaded into the computer yet, hopefully in the next few days the living room will be clean enough to take some pictures :)


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  1. Joann, she's so cute! What a blessing she will be to your family. Happy Valentines Day!


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