Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Today's book of the Bible is ......

I always think things happen for a reason. When I went to pick a book of the Bible today I picked up the cup and turned it upside down and shook it a little to mix up the pieces of paper when I was done shaking one piece fell to the ground. The first book was chosen for me!! I did not pick it out it just was to be and that book is John now how appropriate is that??

I know this system will have it's flaws as one person mentioned about one book maybe not making sense if you haven't read the one before but I figure it this way at least I am reading something and in time I think it will all come together.

So I promised some pictures, here we go

The books printed on my bright snazzy paper~

The book titles all cut up~

The cool cup~

All in the cup~

And of course I couldn't post without another picture of our little baby Mandy, she is one week older and that puts her at 12 weeks old(When we bought her they said she was around 9 weeks old but I looked up on a calendar and they were off a bit, she was born on NOv. 29, 2009) she is now 2 pounds 11 ounces so she is gaining weight good. She is doing okay with house training but some days I feel like a failure at it. Roger keeps telling me it's because she is still so young but I just want to make sure I am doing it right. She is full of energy and Molly has been very tolerant of her and they seem to get along very good so far. We usually let them play together every evening for a while and so far so good. Mandy is very snuggly and loves to lay on your chest or up on your shoulder.

I am feeling so much better this week than last. Being sick and having a puppy to take care of all day is not fun at all. I am trying to stay healthy but seems like I have been sick off and on for the past 2 or 3 months.

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  1. Ahh... your baby is precious. The book of John is a great place to start! I've always heard the gospels were a good place to start if you just want to "dive in"! I found a cool book at the thrift store yesterday; how to have your own personal revival... it talks about getting sin out of our lives, and helps to explore areas where we may not even be aware we are sinning. Very eye opening... I'm really enjoying it.


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