Friday, August 19, 2011

The time has come for a break....

My friend Winona over at">>
is taking a computer break for a few weeks and I told her I may steal her idea and do the same thing. This morning I made the decision to also take a break for a few weeks from blogging and I also took down my facebook page, for those who are my friends on facebook I am really sorry but it is just getting to be too much drama associated with having my page.

While I am gone I plan on working on some craft projects especially the winter wonderland one, also do something with some redwork I have done already. I will also be working on menu planning and grocery shopping budgeting. And as always trying to get my home organized and clean.

Will be back in the fall, my favorite time of year.


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What a glorious Wednesday :)

This morning the doggies and I spent some time out in our chairs on the back patio.

This is what I mean about us sitting in "Our" chairs, Molly has her own chair out there~

I like early morning, everything is pretty quiet. Mainly you can hear the birds singing and of course my doggies barking at people passing by our back gate.

This is the view from the back patio, so nice the sun was just coming up and there is a cool breeze out there. Today the temp. will rise to about the mid 90's but this morning it's nice and cool with a light breeze.

Have to add this video to my post today because it asks the question~ Which Jesus do you follow, Which Jesus do you serve??

Have a wonderful day in the Lord, thank you for stopping by,

Monday, August 15, 2011

A picture post..

Wow the weekend sure does always go by so fast...and the weekdays sooooo sloooooww.

This morning I woke up and was so tired and my back was already hurting. This is not a good way to start the first day of the week :(

I got Roger off to work after making him breakfast of toast and a banana, yep that was it :) I sent him off to work with his lunch of a lowfat yogurt, a honey ham sandwich, pretzel braids and some coke zero's. He is so good about not eating a bunch of junk..unlike me:)

Last week I was going to post pictures of my new bathroom carpets and I just never did get around to taking and posting the pictures. I also made cinnamon rolls and the same thing, I did take the pictures but never got them posted. So I decided to put them all in one post to get you all updated on everything.
I have to start first with a cute little picture of my baby Mandy, this picture makes her look so big when in reality she is only about 4-5 pounds :)

So here are the cinnamon rolls in all their glory~

Getting ready to go into the oven~

Here they are all baked up~

I had no milk in the house when I made the rolls so when I went out to get pizza for dinner I went through the drive thru at McDonalds to get a small thing of milk. That was so much easier than going to the store to get it. So the rolls weren't frosted until later that night, sorry no pictures of them.

Friday was grocery shopping day and as usual I spent way too much for just 2 people, I spent over $150 and that is just for a week. I HAVE TO get a handle on my grocery spending. I need to start working on menus like I used to do and only buy what we need. Any suggestions from anyone about how they do it Please leave a comment or email me. I desperately need HELP!!!!

Last week I also worked on a few dishcloths, the color was picked because the person who will be getting them said their kitchen was purple. I didn't really like the colors but after seeing it crocheted up it was actually very pretty~

Here they are all wrapped with ribbon ready to make their journey to their new home~

The pictures of the bathroom with the pretty new carpets in it, I am very pleased with how everything turned out.

Hallway bathroom~

Now everyone out there knows what a wonderful husband I have and I just had to show you all how that is so true.....On Saturday we spent the good part of his day off looking for ceiling fans for the kitchen and dining room, we had white box flourescent lights for the longest time and I have been nagging him about a ceiling fan in the kitchen because I am hot all the time. We found the ceiling fans and he went to put them up on Sunday morning(also using a day off) but of course he never does anything halfway so he had to take the old lighting fixture down fill in some holes and repaint the area, then start putting in the new fixture.

This is the fan we picked out~

Here it is all put up~

Here is a picture of the new ceiling fan today with the lights on and the fan going~

Have a wonderful week everyone and bless you very much, thanks for stopping by :)


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Summer cleaning projects...

"She watches over the ways of her household, and does not eat the bread of idleness."

I have been working on a list of things I want to get deep cleaned this summer and now since it is August guess I better get working on some of them.
We are having a small get together for our son-in-laws birthday this coming Saturday. This week I want to work on the hallway bathroom. I finally got all the new rugs and such for in there but don't want to put anything new in until I get all the dirt out :). No it isnt' that dirty but I do want to give the bathroom a good cleaning before Saturday. I love the color of the new carpets and will certainly take a picture after it is all done.

Yesterday was a not so good day for me and today hasn't been that much better. I just dont' feel well. all I did yesterday was vacuum and mop the entire living room, moved all the furniture and also cleaned the blinds and windows, so it was a busy day even though I wasn't feeling that great. I also for some reason was really missing my dad and then pile on top of that the fact that Mattie is home in Texas but still has not called nor has Sara called to let me know he/they are doing okay. I look at it this way if it were the other way around wouldn't Sara want me to have Mattie call her and tell her he is okay. They don't seem to think of much but themselves and that is very hard on a Mom.

I did manage to crochet 4 dishcloths yesterday as most of the day I was just sitting around. I plan on making some cinnamon rolls tomorrow, I find if I get everything ready the night before and set out on the counter it makes me think of doing it better.

Roger is working late tonight as he did last night so he won't be home until around 8pm wich is lousy! He basically gets home, eats something sits down and relaxes for a few minutes then it's bedtime...I don't know how he does it everyday.

THis weeks cleaning projects~

Hallway Bathroom~

()()()Clean out drawers
()Clean under sink
()Wash medicine cabinet and organize things inside
()Wash light fixture
()()Clean sink/counter
()Clean toilet
()Windex window
()Put new carpets down
()Replace hand towel with new one
()Take out Garbage

Thanks so much for visiting, please come again. Have a wonderful week ahead.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

A fun weekend..

A week ago Saturday Roger's mom told him that 6 years before he was born, that she had, had a baby a little girl and gave her up for adoption. This adopted girl hired a private detective to find her mom and she did. Last week this adopted girl got to meet Larry, one of Roger's brothers and this week we drove up to Sacramento to meet her too. Me Roger's mom and Roger were all very excited to meet this lady, and a little nervous too. When we got there we had to wait just a few minutes as we had got there a little early :). Anyway Roger's mom and the daughter she had given up for adoption were reunited for the first time in almost 58 years. It was almost surreal. They hugged and I was able to get this picture of them just touching. I thought it was such a special moment.~

Here is a picture of Roger and his new sister Connie~

This next picture is of Roger, Connie, Esther(Mom) and Larry~

The waiter at the place we had lunch took this next picture for us, so that way we all were in it, I am sure he didn't mind as he ended up with something like a $60 tip from all of us :)

People in this picture are from front - back on the left side~ Roger, Me, James (connie's husband)from back -front on the right side~ Candy (larry's wife), Larry, Esther(Mom) and Connie (The new sister)~

As you can tell I didn't go into many particulars as obviously this is something very private and this not my story to tell. I just wanted to share a little about what happened. Roger is so excited to have a sister, he had told me about a month ago about an unusual dream he had and it included him having a sister. I know everything comes in God's time and not our own and he sure waited quite a while on this one but well worth the wait. We now have new members of our family and we are quite happy with both the new sister and her husband. I have to mention her husband because he is a very special tender/warmhearted person and I am very happy to call both of them family now. I can't wait to meet more of their family and for them to meet ours.

Now on to things that are certainly not as important but still things going on this weekend, I finished up crocheting the two dishcloths I was working on and they are ready to be put into the mail on Monday. I know most things I make are not always perfect but they are always made with lots of love and prayers. I am currently working on some new dishcloths with purple in them and will be hopefully hand delivering these to a wonderful person.

The two red/white dishcloths waiting for their ride through the mail~

One more thing, I had told Sara, Matt's wife that I had seen these so cute twinkie holders at the grocery store but hadn't taken a picture of them. I went grocery shopping on Friday and picked up two of them, one for Sara and one for Matt. I think they are so cute The hat on the top opens up and you put a twinkie in. Aren't they just the cutest. Sara if you read this please note they will not fit in the box so will have to make the journey to Texas in another box at another time.:)

I pray that everyone had a blessed weekend, I know that we did for sure:)
May your week ahead be filled with blessings. Thank you for visiting, hope you come back.


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Penny this post is especially for you :)

Okay I will try and explain as best as I can about this vacuum with both words and pictures. Though I can't take a picture of myself holding it so you will have to use your imagination a little bit.

The lift away part comes off and leaves the actual floor part on the floor, the dirt cup part comes with the lift away part.

Here it is sitting on the floor next to the floor part that I lifted it away still with me??

This is the little power brush which goes on the end of the wand part~

That is real good on furniture or even cars.

this is the wand which also has a 24" extension for it if you want to use it for high things~

the whole reason I wanted this particular vacuum was that it did what no other vacuum did, it separated with the cord so when you lift it away you have 25' of electrical cord that goes with you. Even on my very wonderful Dyson when I used the hose part it was always attached to the vacuum and almost always would tip over if you went too far. This doesn't' happen with this vacuum because the hose the dirt cup the motor and the electrical cord go with you. I think this is the coolest thing.

You mentioned the shark that was discounted at Walmart, I really don't know much about the one you mentioned I only did research on this one. I have to say if you want a hand held one and don't have a lot to do then the Dyson hand held would probably be my choice but doing research on that one I found out it is cordless which is great but it only has power for about 10 minutes and it takes up to 3 hours to charge and they don't sell a back up battery for it yet. I love Dyson products and even though they are a bit pricey I do feel they are worth it. The cordless Dyson sells for about $350 and this shark that I bought was $169. at Target, my big Dyson I paid $550 for and have never regretted it one bit. This time I was just needing something different than what they had.

Hope this help understand it better. Now I have two vacuums that I love :)

Library books I got today...

A few months ago when I learned a new Duggar book came out I got online to reserve it at the library, I had to put my name on the long list....I was 11 in line. Today I went to the library to pick up that book and I have already read the first 26 pages. So far it is real good though it goes over a lot of what I have already seen on their show, but in more detail.

The newest Duggar book~

I also picked up a couple of cook books, one just on bread and one on baking in general. some of the recepies look really good.

this is a gooseberry patch cookbook that I own and use all the time, it has great meals in it and I love gooseberry patch cookbooks~


dinner is in the crockpot, crockpot pork chops, I will make some mashed potatoes later and heat up some green beans, and then dinner will be done. tommorow is going to be pizza night so will have all day for goofing off :)

I found out when my Little Mattie is coming home, well he isn't coming home to CA but to Ft. Hood. I can't say when for Army security reasons but it is coming soon...His wife called me yesterday and I told her to take lots of pictures since I can't be there just so I can see for myself that he is safely on United States soil.

My friend Penny left a comment about my new vacuum and it being a lift off one, I will take pictures in a little while of what it looks like and will post later tonight or tomorrow so you can see what it does and how it works and one of the attachments is a mini power brush just for pet hair.

Please visit again and have a wonderful day,

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A new servant in our home and grandkids first day of school..

Yesterday August 1st was the grandkids first day of school, I can't believe they are so old and I have no idea where the time has gone.

This is a picture of Katie getting on the bus this morning, just loved her smile and her eyes~

If anyone is my friend on facebook you can see the rest of the pictures of both Dylan and Katie on the first day of school. Dylan started 2nd grade and Katie Kindergarten.

Yesterday was also a very happy day for me, as anyone who has read my blog for any time now you know that I struggle with many things, homekeeping probably the main one and I am always on the lookout for things to make it easier to do. I seen this item on a TV commrcial and just had to get one. Oh am I glad I did :)

My new servant~

Look at all of these pieces~

Yes I was smart enough to put it together :)

I hate to even show anyone this next picture, but trying to always be a real truthful blog, here it is, yes it's the dirt cup full of well dirt! I used the new vacuum in the kitchen, pantry area and dining area and this is what got sucked up. Disgusting in one way but it makes me happy in another that I now have this much less dirt on the floors

The best part of the whole vacuum is that it weighs 12 pounds and when you do the lift away part it is only 7 pounds, now my husband was asking questions about it and wondering will it magically make me a wonderful keeper of our home, yes and no, no it's not magical but on days when my back is hurting it will be much easier to lug this little vacuum out instead of our Dyson. I am not sure when I boughtour Dyson, it's the pretty purple and silver DC17 Absolute for pet hair we bought it when we had carpet everywhere, now with our new pergo floors only the bedrooms have carpet. Our Dyson is still working just fine and I do love it it's just a little bit big and heavy for me to manuver around so this will just make things for me a little easier.

Roger's tomato crop for this year if doing very well and has produced some beautiful tomatoes, he only has 4 plants but they are huge!

Aren't these yummy looking??

Here is a picture of the back yard with our fountain corner~

And of course my baby Mandy, after she got home from the groomers~