Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Library books I got today...

A few months ago when I learned a new Duggar book came out I got online to reserve it at the library, I had to put my name on the long list....I was 11 in line. Today I went to the library to pick up that book and I have already read the first 26 pages. So far it is real good though it goes over a lot of what I have already seen on their show, but in more detail.

The newest Duggar book~

I also picked up a couple of cook books, one just on bread and one on baking in general. some of the recepies look really good.

this is a gooseberry patch cookbook that I own and use all the time, it has great meals in it and I love gooseberry patch cookbooks~


dinner is in the crockpot, crockpot pork chops, I will make some mashed potatoes later and heat up some green beans, and then dinner will be done. tommorow is going to be pizza night so will have all day for goofing off :)

I found out when my Little Mattie is coming home, well he isn't coming home to CA but to Ft. Hood. I can't say when for Army security reasons but it is coming soon...His wife called me yesterday and I told her to take lots of pictures since I can't be there just so I can see for myself that he is safely on United States soil.

My friend Penny left a comment about my new vacuum and it being a lift off one, I will take pictures in a little while of what it looks like and will post later tonight or tomorrow so you can see what it does and how it works and one of the attachments is a mini power brush just for pet hair.

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