Sunday, August 7, 2011

A fun weekend..

A week ago Saturday Roger's mom told him that 6 years before he was born, that she had, had a baby a little girl and gave her up for adoption. This adopted girl hired a private detective to find her mom and she did. Last week this adopted girl got to meet Larry, one of Roger's brothers and this week we drove up to Sacramento to meet her too. Me Roger's mom and Roger were all very excited to meet this lady, and a little nervous too. When we got there we had to wait just a few minutes as we had got there a little early :). Anyway Roger's mom and the daughter she had given up for adoption were reunited for the first time in almost 58 years. It was almost surreal. They hugged and I was able to get this picture of them just touching. I thought it was such a special moment.~

Here is a picture of Roger and his new sister Connie~

This next picture is of Roger, Connie, Esther(Mom) and Larry~

The waiter at the place we had lunch took this next picture for us, so that way we all were in it, I am sure he didn't mind as he ended up with something like a $60 tip from all of us :)

People in this picture are from front - back on the left side~ Roger, Me, James (connie's husband)from back -front on the right side~ Candy (larry's wife), Larry, Esther(Mom) and Connie (The new sister)~

As you can tell I didn't go into many particulars as obviously this is something very private and this not my story to tell. I just wanted to share a little about what happened. Roger is so excited to have a sister, he had told me about a month ago about an unusual dream he had and it included him having a sister. I know everything comes in God's time and not our own and he sure waited quite a while on this one but well worth the wait. We now have new members of our family and we are quite happy with both the new sister and her husband. I have to mention her husband because he is a very special tender/warmhearted person and I am very happy to call both of them family now. I can't wait to meet more of their family and for them to meet ours.

Now on to things that are certainly not as important but still things going on this weekend, I finished up crocheting the two dishcloths I was working on and they are ready to be put into the mail on Monday. I know most things I make are not always perfect but they are always made with lots of love and prayers. I am currently working on some new dishcloths with purple in them and will be hopefully hand delivering these to a wonderful person.

The two red/white dishcloths waiting for their ride through the mail~

One more thing, I had told Sara, Matt's wife that I had seen these so cute twinkie holders at the grocery store but hadn't taken a picture of them. I went grocery shopping on Friday and picked up two of them, one for Sara and one for Matt. I think they are so cute The hat on the top opens up and you put a twinkie in. Aren't they just the cutest. Sara if you read this please note they will not fit in the box so will have to make the journey to Texas in another box at another time.:)

I pray that everyone had a blessed weekend, I know that we did for sure:)
May your week ahead be filled with blessings. Thank you for visiting, hope you come back.



  1. What a sweet, sweet, sweet story! I am so happy for Roger and his family! I wanted to cry when I read this. :o)) I love the twinkie holders... adorable!

  2. Ahhh Joann, what a special weekend. I am so happy that Roger's family are united now.

  3. Wow, how wonderful! So happy for everyone involved!!

  4. Oh Joann, such a wonderful journey for you all-i thank you for sharing-the pictures are beautiful..your dishcloths are so cute,cheers Vickie

  5. what a neat weekend! thank you for letting us in on it :)
    and thank you for your kind words on my blog.

  6. That post brought tears to my wonderful to meet her baby girl after all those years...hugs Khris


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