Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A new servant in our home and grandkids first day of school..

Yesterday August 1st was the grandkids first day of school, I can't believe they are so old and I have no idea where the time has gone.

This is a picture of Katie getting on the bus this morning, just loved her smile and her eyes~

If anyone is my friend on facebook you can see the rest of the pictures of both Dylan and Katie on the first day of school. Dylan started 2nd grade and Katie Kindergarten.

Yesterday was also a very happy day for me, as anyone who has read my blog for any time now you know that I struggle with many things, homekeeping probably the main one and I am always on the lookout for things to make it easier to do. I seen this item on a TV commrcial and just had to get one. Oh am I glad I did :)

My new servant~

Look at all of these pieces~

Yes I was smart enough to put it together :)

I hate to even show anyone this next picture, but trying to always be a real truthful blog, here it is, yes it's the dirt cup full of well dirt! I used the new vacuum in the kitchen, pantry area and dining area and this is what got sucked up. Disgusting in one way but it makes me happy in another that I now have this much less dirt on the floors

The best part of the whole vacuum is that it weighs 12 pounds and when you do the lift away part it is only 7 pounds, now my husband was asking questions about it and wondering will it magically make me a wonderful keeper of our home, yes and no, no it's not magical but on days when my back is hurting it will be much easier to lug this little vacuum out instead of our Dyson. I am not sure when I boughtour Dyson, it's the pretty purple and silver DC17 Absolute for pet hair we bought it when we had carpet everywhere, now with our new pergo floors only the bedrooms have carpet. Our Dyson is still working just fine and I do love it it's just a little bit big and heavy for me to manuver around so this will just make things for me a little easier.

Roger's tomato crop for this year if doing very well and has produced some beautiful tomatoes, he only has 4 plants but they are huge!

Aren't these yummy looking??

Here is a picture of the back yard with our fountain corner~

And of course my baby Mandy, after she got home from the groomers~


  1. Hey Joann, so does your vacuum lift out as a hand held vacuum? I need something like that to vacuum the sofas with... dog hair! I go through lots of lint remover sheets. Your grandkids are adorable, and yes, the time flies too quickly... they are growing up.

  2. Hello dear friend I have not spoken with you in a while and just wanted to stop and say hello to you. I too love the dog she is so cute...I am so glad that you were able to get a vacuum that was better on your back, I totally understand how you feel because when my back hurts I don't want to lift anything not even Kenzie lol...How was the kids first day at school, You have a great looking family.

  3. Glad you got a new vacuum that will be lighter to lug around. Love the picture of Katie. The schools don't start around here for another 2 or 3 weeks. Mandy is so cute. I bought clippers and gave Buddy his hair cute. He gets car sick, so I hate to take him anywhere unless absolutely necessary. Have a good one.

  4. Hey you aren't going to believe this, but yesterday evening my daughter and I went to WalMart. I always like to look through the clearance stuff and there was a Shark hand held type, pet hair remover vac... marked down to $52. Do you think that is a good deal? I need to research it on Amazon and see... I may go back and get it today if I find it's a good deal. :o)


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