Saturday, July 23, 2011

Another winter wonderland update...

Today we went over to the mall in Tracy to meet up with Jennifer and the kids for school shopping. Jennifer and Katie were waiting in front of Target when we got there but Dylan wasn't there. Dylan was at home because he wasn't feeling good.So we went shopping for both of them even though Dylan wasn't there. We started with shoes, each kid got a new pair of shoes, a new package of both socks and underwear. Then on to the fun stuff....the clothes, I love looking at little girls clothes they are always so cute.

We got Katie a real cute dress with the Disney princesses on it, then a few skirts adn some leggings for underneath and a few tops to go with the skirts, then on to things for Dylan. Dylan's favorite colors are green and orange and guess what we were able to find both colors in nice polo shirts. I like nice looking collared with buttons shirts so was happy to find them on clearance for $4.49 each. We ended up with like 6 or so shrits of different colors. Target sells the perfect pants for both Dylan and Katie they have adjustable waists in them. Dylan is going into the second grade but he is still so small, he wears a size 6 in boys for length but the waist is way too big :) He could actually wear a 5 toddler but they would be too short. Katie is the same way so we got her adjustable waist pants too. I don't know the exact amount of things they got but it ended up costing a little under $250 for both of them, of course that isn't counting the backpacks and lunch boxes we got a few weeks ago and the little dresses I got Katie at Walmart the other day. I thought we did pretty good. I did forget however to take any pictures of the shopping expedition :(

When we got home I started working on the winter wonderland project and accomplished quite a bit on it. I have the best light when working in daylight so have put it away for the night.

Here are a few pictures of the ww project~~

All that I have gotten done on it so far~

This is what I have to do next~

This is what I finished today~

Just another picture of it, sorry it hasn't been ironed yet~

Roger and I just got back from dinner out and he is out walking the doggies. Plan on having a nice relaxing evening.

An update on Sara (my daughter-in-love) and her getting the house for her and Mattie, she posted pictures on Facebook and it is just the cutest little place, I guess it is close to the base (Ft. Hood) in Killeen, Texas. I know she is feeling kind of lonely since Mattie isn't home yet and she had to leave her family and friends to move there so please keep her in your prayers. She seemes to be very busy with getting the place put together, she is doing her kitchen in Red and it's so cute. Before all the problems with the getting married and me not knowing about it part Roger and I had planned on getting them a BBQ for a wedding gift, but now I don't think that will be happening, but we will see.

Thanks so much for visiting, hope your weekend is going well.



  1. JoAnn I love the Winter Wonderland pattern oh how it makes me long for the Fall and Winter lol... I do thank the good Lord for the summer but it has been so hot here in NC with heat indexes up to 110 degrees lol. I am so glad that you and Roger had a wonderful time shopping for the grand kids, you guys are such wonderful grand parents and I know that the children love you so much, I wish that I stay near because I would love to be able to stitch something similar to what you are doing but I just don't know how lol...Have a wonderful day and may God continue to bless each and everyone of you my dear friend....

  2. Oh, the Winter Wonderland project is looking so good! It is just beautiful and you are doing a fantastic job embroidering it.


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