Friday, July 8, 2011

Goodies came in the mail today :)

Today before I left for grocery shopping I noticed that the mail had already came, very unusual for our part of the city. Normally mail comes around 1-2pm but it was already here today at about 9:30am. I looked over at our box and there it was the box I was so anxiously waiting for now don't get too excited it wasn't anything crafty but still just as precious to new planner!!! Yeah!!

Pictures of my new planner~

Oustide cover~

Inside pages~

I found out about this particular planner from my friend Katy over at she is such a wonderfully energetic and insightful person and I just love reading her blog. She is pretty much my daughter's age so I am way older than her but oh the things I have learned from her by reading her blog and one of them was about this planner. Two things that I didn't know about the planner were that it is such a beautiful color in person and the cover for it has a zipper that goes all around it so in case you want to keep a pen or paper in it you could and then just zip it all up. I am loving it so far and all I have done with it up to now is read all the scripture from January till July.

Anyway I am a very happy camper today, got my shopping done, we are having pizza for dinner tonight so I basically have the rest of the day to just goof off. Haven't done much goofing off lately so I think I will enjoy it:)

Please have a very blessed weekend and thank you for coming here to read my blog.


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  1. So glad you love it JoAnn! I just love mine as well! It is, in my opinion, a great planner for the price! ;)

    Thank-you, also for your kind words about are always so thoughtful! I hope you enjoy your weekend!



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