Monday, July 4, 2011

Winter wonderland update.....

This is a very small update as I haven't done much on the winter wonderland project. I was real happy with the word Winter that I got done but am not very happy with the other stitching I did. My stitches are very uneven and I just don't like them at all. I have been debating about taking them all out and redoing the part I don't like but then figure maybe I will just keep it and it will give it some character :)

Pictures of what I have gotten done so far, also on the lookout for some pretty Chirstmas fabric for putting it all together.
All that I have done so far~

Close up of "Winter"~


  1. Really pretty, great job... so far so good. I know it is going to be so very beautiful when you are done dear friend....

  2. silly girl! don't u dare take those stitches out. once u get more done, u won't even notice the part u don't thimk is perfect. i think it looks great!


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