Sunday, July 10, 2011

Backpacks, lunch boxes and embroidery...

Ever since the grand kids started school, Dylan was the first and now Katie, we have tried to buy a few things for them. If they need new clothes, shoes, backpacks or anything else. This year we had planned on taking them shopping on the 23 of July, it's a Saturday and Jennifer will meet us at the mall in Tracy and we will go shopping. but this year I seen a target ad with backpacks and lunch boxes on sale. Roger and I decided we would go ahead and get the backpacks and lunch boxes today and just do clothes with them in a couple of weeks. I called Jennifer and asked what type they wanted and we were able to find the type they wanted and we are very happy. I am hoping the grand kids will be too.

Dylan's new backpack~

Dylan's new lunch box~

Katie's new backpack~

Katie's' new lunch box~

Winter wonderland update!!

Today after shopping I sat down and worked on the winter wonderland project a little more, I finished up the first part I started and have the second part almost finished
Here is what it looks like this afternoon~

Don't look too closely at it as I know it is not perfect and the stitches are still all over the place and not very uniform...I guess that gives it that homemade look :)

We have had a slightly cooler day today and so far an AC free day but it is still HOT!! Tomorrow is supposed to be a little cooler and I will try and get by with out the AC again. I am also starting a new routine tomorrow, not really a new routine but more of a how I am doing the routine, I would like to get certain things done before a certain time and tomorrow is going to be my day of deciding what needs to be done when. I try to make my bed everyday but sometimes it doesn't get done until late afternoon and I would like it to be done in the morning. Doing anything in the morning is hard for me I AM NOT a morning person at all. It takes all my energy and brain just to get Roger's lunch together and there have been many times when I forget things, this is not acceptable to me, I need to get with it and make sure I do what I am expected to do in the mornings. I have more energy and the want to do things at 11at night or later than I do at any time in the morning. I would like to change this if I can.

Thanks so much for visiting and may your day and your week ahead be blessed.


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  1. I am sure the grandkids will love their new backpacks and lunchboxes. Your embroidery project is coming along great. I have a thing about the bed. It is made as soon as we get up. I just can't stand to see it unmade. I am not a morning person either, but with the heat and humidity we are having, nothing would get done if I didn't do it early. I hope you have a wonderful week.


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