Monday, July 18, 2011

The county fair...

Roger and I decided to go to the county fair on Saturday night instead of tonight for a couple of reasons, it was nice and cool on Saturday and it would have been hard for Roger to get home in time to go and find a seat for the Mercy Me concert. They always seem to have some sort of Christian artist at our county fair but they always seem to be put on a weeknight, wish they would put them on the weekend. We have seen Avalon, Rebecca St. James,and Matthew West in the past so I will miss seeing Mercy Me tonight but I had a great time on Saturday. Got to see one of my favorite parts of the fair...the animals. Since I live in the city I don't get to see farm animals very often (Maybe one day if we ever get some land in Missouri I can have some animals). The pigs and cows and sheep are my favorite ones. They had a mommy pig with 4 little piglets that were so cute.

Here are some pictures of the animals we seen~

The mommy pig~

3 of the 4 piglets~Aren't they just the cutest??

My favorite type of cow (don't know for sure the breed)~

A Brahma Cow and her baby~

I thougth these two sheep were real cute~

We of course had to have a corn dog, my favorite fair food, but I didnt' take any pictures of the corn dogs:)

I also got a large bag of cotton candy also another fair food favorite :) Didn't take a picture of that either:)

Sunday was a lazy day and we went to in-n-out burger for dinner, I love their burgers and their fries but one of the best parts of eating there is what is on the rim under the cup~

Yes it's a Bible verse and it's on every cup they serve you a drink in, isnt' that just cool?? A regular soda you get a red and white cup with John 3:16 and a milkshake comes in a green and white cup and it has Proverbs 3:5 on it. I have always loved that about that place. You get fed more than you know at In-N-Out :)

My Monday is going real slow. Laundry is done and my routines are going good but it is now almost 4pm and I feel like I still need more time before Roger gets home to do some more things and he will be heading home in about 30 minutes. He won't actually get here till after 6pm but he is on his way.

I also have good news about Sara and Mattie, she made it to Killeen safely, and got them a house, posted pictures on her facebook page so I was happy to see the place, very cute and nice and clean looking. I am hoping they will be happy there. Now she just has to wait for him to come home..
Have a wonderfull week and thanks so much for stopping by, hope you visit with me again.

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