Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Goings on here at home...

First let me please ask all of my wonderful friends out there to please keep Sara, my daughter in love and her Dad in your prayers They left Las Vegas today to move her to Kileen(Ft.Hood) Texas so her and Mattie can start their new life together as soon as he gets home. I dont' know when they will arrive in Texas but have asked her that when she has time to please let me know she got their safely.

Let's see what has been going on around here well to sum it all up in a nutshell it would basically be not much :) I know I know I am supposed to be trying a new routine but I have to admit that a few of the past days I have gone back to bed because I am so totally exhausted at 5AM. Okay there I have said it and now everyone knows I am not a superwoman. I am still getting things done but you know how they say when dealing with children to "Pick your battles" well that is what I am doing with my homekeeping right now. I am doing what is necessary and maybe each day a little more. Like on Monday I did not dust everything in the living room, oh my gosh did I just type that outloud!!! I did what needed to be done but not everything. Yes my ceiling fan is zooming around depostiting little dust particles on everything because I didn't dust it. Will that be the end of my life well I guess probably not. But I am full aware of all of that dust up there and it being strewn all around the living room. I will probably go dust it after I submit this post:)

Okay I went and did it before I posted this, oh that dust was just starting to get on my nerves.... that's it for today.

I went to Walmart today to price some bathroom rugs, I have been looking for some new rugs to go with the shower curtain. Right now I have black rugs and I am just tired of them. When I was at walmart last time I noticed they had some nice red ones, not bright red(well they had bright red too) but this was more of a barn red which is what I am looking for. If and when I purchase them I will certainly post pictures of them.

Today is Wednesday and it is bathroom cleaning day and I have to admit somehting else both bathrooms are half done. I always clean them at the same time, doing the same thing that way I only have to get the cleaners out once. Probably kind of strange or weird but that is how my brain works.

Thank you so much for visiting today and I hope to see you again.


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  1. Haha .. don't beat yourself up! You should see my ceiling fans. They basically run all the time, so I don't realize how much dust are on them. My husband turned one off the other morning when he was a little cool. Later that day I realized it was off and couldn't believe the dust on the edges of the blades. My solution? Turn it back on. Hope your DIL arrived safely to her destination!


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