Sunday, July 13, 2014

Starting over.........

Hello everyone who reads my blog. I haven't blogged in quite a while and I recently decided to give myself a  time of starting over. I have not been the person I was meant to be as for my role as wife and home keeper. For many years now I have just been getting by, doing just enough to get through the day. I have not been the wife that my husband deserves. As long as we have been married my husband has always worked hard every day. I started out working at home very hard also but over time I have let things go! It is so easy to just not do something and when you do it day after day then it becomes a habit. Just as starting to do something new  becomes a habit after a while of doing it so does laziness. I don't want to go as far as saying that I am addicted to watching television but I have been known to do nothing all day and just sit and watch stupid shows on the television. I want to stop being so lazy so I have been putting a lot of thought into it and I decided the best way to stop being that way is to just start over. I don't mean like my whole life but in regards to keeping our home and being a wife. I have always had a hard time trying to get all of the things done on my long list of daily things to get done though it was a really great list it was way to long like 40-50 things on it and every day I didn't' do it all I of course felt like a failure. My list was that long because I liked to break everything down into separate steps. Now I am thinking of making a change into more broad things...instead of listing things like make dinner, clean up after dinner, put dishes into dishwasher, clean off stove, wipe down counters etc.... I will be making it more general like kitchen clean up period. I don't' know if this will help with me getting back into more of a routine of doing things daily but of course I won't find out until I try.
Things around our home have had some changes over the past few years that I haven't been posting about, no real reason other than that laziness of mine :)
Almost a year ago my wonderful husband had an idea to add some square footage to our home. I don't remember the exact start date but he has added on a new master bathroom and some extra room in the master bedroom. He did most of the work himself (thankfully he knows how to do that kind of stuff) He had some very very blessed help from his brother Larry who came down practically every Friday for the day to give a hand. We wanted to pay cash for everything so it has been slow going and because one person can only do so much but it is getting there. I originally thought of doing a weekly update on it but then thought to wait till it's finished and just put one big post up about it. I didn't realize how many pictures there would be or the fact that I wouldn't remember when things were done but anyway I will over time put up some pictures of the progress. Last Tuesday we had new carpet installed and we are now back sleeping in the bedroom after having our bed in the living room for about 2 months.
Another thing that has happened since I posted last was that Roger was hit by a car on his way to work on February 18, 2014. He was stopped at a red light and the person didnt' notice the light and hit him going about 50 miles an hour. Roger was taken to the hospital and thanking God he had really bad back and neck pain and some other pains but nothing more serious. He missed some work and our van had to be  in the shop for about a week. Roger is still in serious pain most days but not much you can do about back pain as I know all too well.
Roger loved his job working on the Golden Gate Bridge, but sadly he was laid off on April 29th this came as a shock to us even though we knew when he took the job it was temporary it was still very unexpected and of course that wasn't' the worst part April 30th we no longer had medical insurance. Roger is getting unemployment but that is only for 6 months, we hope and pray he is back to work by then but right now we are living day to day. In spite of all of this we decided to go ahead and finish the addition to the house as the only other thing to do was leave it the way it was and we wouldn't know for how long. So that means the decorating part will have to wait as it's not a necessity but pretty much everything else is going ahead as planned. We believe that God has a plan for us and we just aren't' seeing the final picture yet. I know when we do it will be glorious.
The fall after my mom passed away Jennifer, Chris Dylan and Katie moved to Nampa Idaho we traveled up there for Christmas that year and then the following fall Jennifer called and said they are now moving to South Dakota!! Oh and by the way we are leaving Dylan with his Dad. So in September or maybe it was August of 2013 Jennifer, Chris and Katie left Idaho and moved to south Dakota. I really didnt' like the fact that they moved to Idaho but at least it was only a one very long day to drive there....South Dakota is like a 4-5 day trip just to get there. Now with Roger not working things like going on a nice vacation to visit them isn't really  possible. I miss them a lot and talk with her quite often. They get lots of snow in the winter and lots of thunderstorms and humidity in the summer. I think the snow would be nice but I certainly wouldn't like the humidity!

So I think that is all the major things going on for us right now....back to my laziness at being a wife. I have always (since Mattie moved out) had a hard time making a ,sticking to a menu, and grocery shopping economically. Honestly when Roger was working there would be weeks where we ate out more than  we ate at home. I enjoy going out to dinner but now we only go out once in a while. I want to get back to making more homemade things but not expensive things. I know if you make things from scratch it should be cheaper but with just the two of us sometimes I wonder if it is cheaper. We go grocery shopping every Thursday and spend about $100 sometimes less and sometimes more but that's the average. Doesn't' this sound like way too much for two people??? Along with my laziness this is something I definitely need to work on soon. My plan for right now is to start Monday July 14th with the new way of keeping my home. I will be working on my plan for the next few days so it will be kind of like an experiment to see how things work. What things work for me and what doesn't . I am kind of excited to see how it will turn out. Praying it will turn out well.
I Believe that being a keeper of  my home is what God wants me to be and I have always tried to strive for that joyful part of my keeping my home. I do really want to be joyful about it and not think of it as drudgery doing the same thing every single day. How blessed I am to be able to stay at home and take care of my home and my husband, I may fail miserably at the doing it joyful part daily but I am making changes so I will be able to have a joyful heart.
I have to go get dinner going, have a blessed evening and start to your new week.