Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My shopping trip to Joann's today!!

Okay so it wasn't a big shopping trip but hey any time I can go and buy fabric or even just go look at all that pretty fabric all lined up I am a happy camper!

Today's expedition was to get some fabric for some Valentine projects, oh they had tons of pretty things and I finally settled on these~

Then I also bought some blue fleece that was in the remnant section and the remnants were 70% off. I got a yard and a half of the wide fleece for $1.60 and I got the pink fleece in the above picture for $1.02...I just love bargains..I picked up 7 spools of regular thread and 3 spools of embroidery thread for the embroidery part of my machine. I love hand embroidery but do like to use the machine for certain things.

Also in the pictures above you will see that I bought a few yards of pink Kona cotton, awaiting to have a pattern put on them (when it arrives in the mail) and I also got a couple yards of some light beige colored(that's not the actual name I just forgot the name of the color) for an embroidery piece I want to make for the kitchen (I found something I like and it has a rooster on it).

I have lots of plans for the upcoming days and weeks, figure if my hands are busy maybe I won't think about food so much.

I pray that everyone has a very blessed and Happy New Year


It's Wednesday so it must be weigh in day...

I know that I say this almost every Wednesday but I really felt that I was going to go into my weigh in and have gained weight especially with Christmas. But to my suprise I lost some, not a lot but hey anything with a minus sign is good to me!!

Today's weight loss was 1.4, that brings my total weight loss (my 8th weigh in) to 15.4 pounds. I was really looking to get to that 15 pound mark and am very happy with myself for sticking with it and getting there.

This Weight loss thing has been so very hard for me, I just crave food all the time, I thought over time it would diminish but no everyday it is a struggle for me. I seem to be in prayer over it many times a day, just to make it through the day. I do have to say though that my husband has been such a great encourager, I couldn't do it without him helping me. I have many more pounds to loose but I am not looking at the big picture right now just at the small victories that I have every week. If I started out knowing that I want to loose over 100 pounds I would just get so first aim was for 15, well I have gotten there so now my next will be 25 and hopefully I will get their too.

Will put a post up later about my Joann's shopping trip...


Sunday, December 28, 2008

First (New) post on new blog, Hello everyone!!

I am hoping that everyone had a wonderful Christmas. I put a post up at my old blog with pictures of our Christmas, so if anyone is interested in seeing those pictures the address for that blog is

I have in the last day moved over some of the posts I wanted to keep here to this new blog. I am hoping that my friends over at the old one will bookmark my new blog address and visit often. I also plan on making some new friends here too..

I made a list about a year or two ago about some changes I would like to make in my life and I still have that list.I seem to be working on it all the time so once again it is my goal for the New Year to work on as many areas that I can.

I got some money from Mom for Christmas and I ordered some patterns from CrabappleHill Studios, they have the prettiest patterns for embroidery..can't wait for it to come. Also I am planning a shopping trip to Joann's(My favorite store) on Wednesday to buy some Kona cotton (Thanks Linda for letting me know about Kona) and to get some thread-they are having a sale for 50% off, can't beat that.

I plan on doing tons of embroidery this coming year and also try my hand at some quilting of some small things....nothing bigger than a small wall hanging. So if you are reading this blog and you do any type of embroidery or quilting please leave a comment with your blog address so I can visit and see what you are doing...

I am new to this blogger thing and so my posts are kind of weird, I can't seem to put the pictures in right and also haven't figured out yet how to put a link and be able to edit it to just the person's name instead of the whole thing showing please bear with me while I make the adjustment.

My New Life~ in 2009

1) Husband~ Give him more respect, Serve him more. Make him feel very special. Be his helpmeet.

2) Children~Pray continually for my children, and grandchildren.

3) Home~ Keep things more organized and clean. Do things daily to keep it presentable

4) Friends~ Keep in touch better, be very open and not judgemental~No putting people down

5)Self~ Take better care of myself, eating better, getting more rest, see dentist and doctor more often when needed instead of putting it off.

6) Family~ (this is talking about my mom and sisters) Try to just "go with the flow" instead of causing problems. Don't let things bother me so much. Be more loving and willing to listen to them more.

7) God~ Make a point of spending more time with God, in prayer and in reading the Bible.

May everyone have a very safe and wonderful New Year...

See you in 2009


*Moving posts from old blog* Crayon rolls for my grandchildren

I finished up the crayon rolls I was making for Dylan and Katie for stocking stuffers. They turned out real cute...

Here is what the inside looks like(they hold 16 crayons)~

Here is the outside of Dylan's~

Here is the outside of Katie's~

This is what they look like all rolled up~

I used my stove tonight for the first time, strange it doesn't have settings like med or hi it has numbers like 4.2 or 5.5 will take some getting used to but so far I like it.

Got everything put back on the counter top and it looks so nice in there (sorry no pictures). I am on my way out the door right now to do some shopping (grocery) I don't like to shop at all, so I am hoping it will be a real quick trip. Roger is going with me, he doesn't like me being out by myself at night...I don't like it much either...isn't he so sweet???

Tomorrow is my Weight Watchers weigh in, so I will probably be on tomorrow to post my progress (thinking positive here) other than that I am finished with the sewing ~Sorry AmyJo, aren't going to get those pj's done for Katie so I can show them to you..I will post a picture when I do get them done. I just want to enjoy the rest of the days before Christmas..


*Moving posts from old blog* Weigh in Wednesday's

I had my weigh in today, another small loss 1.8 pounds, brings my total amount to 14 pounds

I wish every one a very Merry Christmas, won't be on for a few days so see you all next week.

*Moving posts from old blog* Our new stove

Can you tell that I am a little excited

Today's plans kind of went by the wayside. When I got up I started laundry, and then decided to make an unexpected trip to the craft store to get a stencil to put up for a border in the kitchen. Since the stove was pulled out and Roger re-did the grout he also painted over my old checkerboard stenciled border. I was thinking of putting up a wall paper border and well Roger just hates wall paper. I like it but it is certainly not easy to take down or re-do so we decided just this morning to do another stencil. I love green plants but because of my very badly behaved cat can only have a the fake kind. So I got an ivy stencil and did the wall behind were the stove goes. That is all I did today, the rest of the kitchen will have to wait for after Christmas. Since I got that done Roger decided later in the afternoon to go ahead and put the stove in. It should have been pretty easy but the support bar on the back of the stove hit exactly where the outlet was for the stove plug. Thankfully I am blessed to be married to a man who can do everything, including moving an electrical plug. He got that moved and presto I have a wonderful new stove. Roger worked very hard on this stove with having to replace some tile, replace all of the grout, painting the wall and then the actual stove installation, I just love him so much....

The stove and the stenciling turned out real nice, it looks real different in there now and that's only with part of the stenciling done, just wait till it all gets done...

Here are some pictures of the stenciling and the new stove (I really love it!!)

This is the new stove~

This is some of the stenciling~

This is what it looks like looking toward the entry way~

This is what it looks like looking toward the refrigerator (excuse the mess on the refrigerator)~

This is the control panel on the front of the stove~

Now take a good look at the next picture, it's of the inside of the stove~probably the only time it will ever look this clean~

This is the warming drawer~

So there you have it my new stove and the stenciling all in pictures...I just love my new stove and the ivy~

Now I am hoping for a sewing day tomorrow, Roger is going to be going over to his Mom's house for a few hours tomorrow so I can get some sewing done when he is gone...still want to spend some time with him while he is home so I try not to spend too much time on the computer or sewing when he is here.


*Moving posts from old blog* Dylan's pj's

I finally finished up Dylan's pj's for Christmas. These I will give him before Christmas so he can wear them between then and now.

Here are some pictures of what they look like~

The shirt part~

The bottoms~

Both of them together~

I now need to get started on Katie's pj's probably tomorrow. The rest of the night tonight is going to be snuggled up with my beloved and watching some shows we have recorded on the DVR...

Roger has a Christmas lunch to go to tomorrow so I may go and visit my Mom for a few hours and do the rest of my shopping. He wasn't sure if he wanted to go or not since he isn't working for them right now. He is self employed but has been working basically for just this one place for over 4 years so even though he is not on their payroll as an employee (he's a subcontracter) he is really part of the team. They are just the way most of the country is right now and there is no work currently for Roger. We both worry about it, because it's hard not too but we also know who is in charge here and it is certainly neither one of us. Things will work out for the good and we will be praising Jesus when it does..We don't plan on this intruding on our Christmas season. We have to focus on what is truly important, God and our families. We are so blessed to have each other but so more blessed to have Jesus in our lives. With him all things are possible.

Hope everyone liked the pictures of the pj's.


*Moving posts from old blog* Weigh in Wednesday's

Not a very good weigh in today, wasn't as dilligent as I should have been about watching what I ate. This weeks weight loss was only .8 pounds and that brings my total to 12.4 pounds least I am not gaining. This coming week I plan on making a few changes like more working out on the eliptical machine.

Roger is out of work right now and so things are kind of stressful. I am so blessed to have a husband who is money smart so we don't live check to check, we will be okay for a while. Any prayers would be appreciated. We both have faith that work will come and put our trust in the Lord.

I am still working on crafts but just slowly, have Dylan's pj's almost done and then want to get Katies done.

I mailed out my only package that I was mailing this year yesterday along with the rest of my Christmas cards. I still need to pick up a couple of more presents but just haven't gotten to the store yet to get them.

I also moved my Christmas tree today to another location in the living room. I think I like it here much better. I will post some new pictures of it later tonight or tommorrow. I am so tired today, and it's only 5:30pm. I think bedtime will be a little early tonight for me..


*Moving posts from old blog* Molly's new dog coat

Yesterday I spent a few hours and finally got Molly's dog coat made. The pattern was real easy to understand and it seemed to go pretty well.

Here is what the inside looks like~

This is the outside~

And here she is modeling it for you~

I also forgot the other day to put up the pictures of the table with the placemats that Veronica sent me. They look so nice on the table~

Today I went and met with my very good friend. We had lunch and just talked and talked, it was so nice. I wish she was staying here longer so we could have more time to just catch up. She brought pictures of her grandchildren and she just knows how much I love to see pictures. I had my camera with me but then forgot to get a picture of us two together...oh well maybe next year.

Tonight Roger, Molly and I went to look at Christmas tree lights, there are a couple of streets in the town just south of us that always decorate a lot and it was just gorgeous...It was nice just spending time with my beloved...I still have a few more gifts to get but don't know yet what I want to get for sure, so probably won't actually shop until sometime this coming week.

Have a very blessed Sunday


*Moving posts from old blog* Wednesday's weigh in

I went to my weigh in at W.W. this morning and even though the weight lost this week was not huge (only 1.8 pds.) it did put me over the 10 pounds lost, my total weight loss after 5 weeks is 11.6 pounds. I am very happy with this program, I can basically eat what I want but have to track the points, so far it is working for me..

Today I plan on working on some pj's for the grandkids, I got the fabric cut out the other day and now just need to sit down and sew them up. I also cut out some fabric for a coat for our dog Molly. I took her and dropped her off at the groomers on the way to W.W. today and she was just shivering in the car..I would like to get that sewn up this week too.

I wrapped all of the gifts I have so far and put them under the tree last night. I have a few gifts that I ordered online so they aren't here yet..

We are still without a stove, don't have a clue as to when it will show up. Right now I don't think it will even be before Christmas!! We are making due with what we have and so far so good.

Hope everyone has a great Wednesday..


*Moving posts from old blog* Christmas swap partner

Veronica is my Christmas swap partner, she is such a sweet lady and has a wonderful blog .
I wanted to come here and post pictures of all the beautiful things my new friend sent to me. She does some lovely work, everything~and there are lots of things~ is just so pretty.

Here is a picture of a snowman hot chocolate holder and some snowman salt and pepper shakers~

Here is a picture of a tea holder ~ The outside~

The inside~

These placemats look just gorgeous in real life the photo does not do them justice~

She also sent along these wonderful pot holders that match the placemats~

Isn't this pincushion just the most pretty pincushion you have ever seen, I love it! ~

She also was nice enough to send a few quilting things, I didn't have any of these things so that was just wonderful~

I have saved the best for last, she made this adorable little Christmas purse, it is so pretty and I really do love it a lot~

Here is the same purse with the card she included with all of the gifts, she is some special lady~

Here is a picture of everything she sent all together~

I want to send my warmest thanks to Veronica and also to Janet at Wildcraftfarm for hosting the swap. Veronica in case you are reading this, you will be receiving something in the mail soon.

This special person Veronica did such wonderful work on all of the items, the colors are great, the workmanship is wonderful...I will treasure these things always.


*Moved old post* Wednesday is weigh in day

I went in to my weigh in at Weight watchers today thinking I had probably gained weight because of Thanksgiving. Was I suprised when the scale said that I had lost 3.2 pounds, that brings my total to 9.8 pounds and this was my 4th weigh in. It seems to be coming off but it is very hard for me to stick to. Roger is a big help, he is very supportive and encouraging.

I have to get some things done around the house and then will be back later to put a new post up about some of my favorite ornaments on our tree complete with pictures.

Enjoy your day


*Moved from old blog* My card file system

If any of you have followed my blog for any time you would know that I had posted about a year ago my Home management binder. After using it for only a few months I realized it just didn't work for me. Since it's just me and Roger and I don't home school the HMB seemed to just be too much for me. I read the book Sidetracked home executives from pig pen ....(I can't remember the whole name of the book, sorry) written by two ladies that used a card system. When I first read about it, I found it kind of odd to write out just one item on a 3x5 card but I have to say it really does work. I made up my card system patterned after theirs and was using it every day. Then I started forgetting about it and wasn't using it anymore. I could tell, my house was disorganized and a mess. Roger works from home 3 days a week and on those days I would always hold my plans loosely (thanks for that idea Cheryl ) so that I wasn't spending my time doing housework while he was home so I could spend time with him. I then realized that I had my job to do too which is seeing to the ways of my household. If I would follow the card system that I had, on the days he were home I would have everything done and the house would be running more smoothly. I don't know how many times a week that I had no clue what was for dinner, so of course we ate out. I was not using my time wisely and I wasn't taken care of my home and family (Roger). Just because I don't have children at home doesn't mean that I don't have to take care of my home. So yesterday I got my ugly file box out (I want to get a much prettier one) and took everything out and went through it and changed some things around and put it all back together. Come Monday I plan on using it everyday!

Here are some pictures of what my system looks like~

Here is the ugly file box~

These are the number tabs, one number for everyday of the month~

These are the cards for Daily(purple) and Weekly(Blue) chores~

These cards are for Monthly (Pink)reminders(Yes I know that I forgot the t in frontline and have made a new card) ~

These tabs are the Monthly tabs, where I store birthday/anniversary/important reminders etc..~

These colored tabs are for my address book~

This is all of it put together~

In the inside of the lid is my Basic Week plan, you will notice that I haveMonday as my grocery day, Tuesday listed as a heavy cleaning day and the rest are moderate cleaning, Friday is my free day, Saturday is light cleaning(if there is something that has to be done) and Sunday as the Lord's day~

Well there you have it, I know it's not too impressive but I am hoping that it works for me and my household.

I post sometimes on a forum that has a daily cleaning thread, but I don't always have the time to come to the computer and post regularly on that board. The ladies at that forum are just wonderful, but that is also where I met a person who I thought was my friend and basicaly she just used me and then tossed me to the side when she wanted to. So when I go to that board and I do post even if I say something to her she totally ignores me and that just is so mean . So please be careful out there when posting on boards/forums people aren't always who they say they are. They can post all they want about their wonderful Christian family and then treat people like dirt. I know that I have done things in my past that I shouldn't have done but I am not too proud to stand up and say yes I did this will you please forgive me.

I pray that everyone out there has a very blessed Sunday..


*Moving old posts* Some of my crafts

Here are some of my embroidery and crocheted items~

These are some banners that I embroidered, there is also a spring one but it wouldn't fit on the holder~

This is the blanket that I made my granddaughter, it took many hours but was so worth it in the end

she is laying on it in the hospital (crying of course)~

Here is a quilt I made for My grandson~

** I only did the embroidery on the quilted things, I don't know how to quilt. I used to have a friend that lived in Southern Illinois that I would send things too and she got them quilted for me by a friend that she knew. Just wanted to make sure that I gave credit where credit was due**

Here are some Christmas presents I made for last Christmas~