Sunday, December 28, 2008

*Moving some posts from old blog* using my embroidery machine

I was wanting to make something for my grandkids for Halloween and really wanted to use my embroidery machine, but I have never used that part on it before. It ended up not being hard to use at all. I was very suprised!

Here are some pictures I took today of the project I was making~

This is the embroidery machine doing Kaitlyn's name~

The name all finished~

Now it's doing Dylan's name~

His is all finished~

In this picture you can see both trick or treat bags~

In this one this is what the lining looks like (it's real NEON Orange)

Now I know everyone is thinking why did I put their names in Black when they don't really show up that well, and the answer is I want my daughter to be able to tell them apart and Dylan knows what his name looks like so he can find his on his own, but people out on the street trick or treating wouldn't be able to know their names by looking at the bags. It's kind of a safety issue, I don't want someone we don't know look at Dylan's bag and walk right up to him and say "Hi Dylan" we all know what can happen from anyway that's why it's in black.

Tomorrow I have to work on my Mom's curtains, I haven't even cut them out yet I figured since tomorrow was Halloween that I better work on those trick or treat bags so I can get them to the kids tomorrow. My Mom's party isn't until Saturday, wow that's not that far away...guess I better get busy.

**Just a quick note, after posting this I looked at the post and the bags look HUGE they are actually pretty small I just measured them and they are approximately 6" tall and 9" wide.**


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