Sunday, December 28, 2008

*Moving posts from old blog* Molly's new dog coat

Yesterday I spent a few hours and finally got Molly's dog coat made. The pattern was real easy to understand and it seemed to go pretty well.

Here is what the inside looks like~

This is the outside~

And here she is modeling it for you~

I also forgot the other day to put up the pictures of the table with the placemats that Veronica sent me. They look so nice on the table~

Today I went and met with my very good friend. We had lunch and just talked and talked, it was so nice. I wish she was staying here longer so we could have more time to just catch up. She brought pictures of her grandchildren and she just knows how much I love to see pictures. I had my camera with me but then forgot to get a picture of us two together...oh well maybe next year.

Tonight Roger, Molly and I went to look at Christmas tree lights, there are a couple of streets in the town just south of us that always decorate a lot and it was just gorgeous...It was nice just spending time with my beloved...I still have a few more gifts to get but don't know yet what I want to get for sure, so probably won't actually shop until sometime this coming week.

Have a very blessed Sunday


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