Sunday, December 28, 2008

*Moving posts from old blog* Crayon rolls for my grandchildren

I finished up the crayon rolls I was making for Dylan and Katie for stocking stuffers. They turned out real cute...

Here is what the inside looks like(they hold 16 crayons)~

Here is the outside of Dylan's~

Here is the outside of Katie's~

This is what they look like all rolled up~

I used my stove tonight for the first time, strange it doesn't have settings like med or hi it has numbers like 4.2 or 5.5 will take some getting used to but so far I like it.

Got everything put back on the counter top and it looks so nice in there (sorry no pictures). I am on my way out the door right now to do some shopping (grocery) I don't like to shop at all, so I am hoping it will be a real quick trip. Roger is going with me, he doesn't like me being out by myself at night...I don't like it much either...isn't he so sweet???

Tomorrow is my Weight Watchers weigh in, so I will probably be on tomorrow to post my progress (thinking positive here) other than that I am finished with the sewing ~Sorry AmyJo, aren't going to get those pj's done for Katie so I can show them to you..I will post a picture when I do get them done. I just want to enjoy the rest of the days before Christmas..


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