Sunday, December 28, 2008

*Moving posts from old blog* Dylan's pj's

I finally finished up Dylan's pj's for Christmas. These I will give him before Christmas so he can wear them between then and now.

Here are some pictures of what they look like~

The shirt part~

The bottoms~

Both of them together~

I now need to get started on Katie's pj's probably tomorrow. The rest of the night tonight is going to be snuggled up with my beloved and watching some shows we have recorded on the DVR...

Roger has a Christmas lunch to go to tomorrow so I may go and visit my Mom for a few hours and do the rest of my shopping. He wasn't sure if he wanted to go or not since he isn't working for them right now. He is self employed but has been working basically for just this one place for over 4 years so even though he is not on their payroll as an employee (he's a subcontracter) he is really part of the team. They are just the way most of the country is right now and there is no work currently for Roger. We both worry about it, because it's hard not too but we also know who is in charge here and it is certainly neither one of us. Things will work out for the good and we will be praising Jesus when it does..We don't plan on this intruding on our Christmas season. We have to focus on what is truly important, God and our families. We are so blessed to have each other but so more blessed to have Jesus in our lives. With him all things are possible.

Hope everyone liked the pictures of the pj's.


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