Sunday, December 28, 2008

*Moving posts from old blog* Wednesday's weigh in

I went to my weigh in at W.W. this morning and even though the weight lost this week was not huge (only 1.8 pds.) it did put me over the 10 pounds lost, my total weight loss after 5 weeks is 11.6 pounds. I am very happy with this program, I can basically eat what I want but have to track the points, so far it is working for me..

Today I plan on working on some pj's for the grandkids, I got the fabric cut out the other day and now just need to sit down and sew them up. I also cut out some fabric for a coat for our dog Molly. I took her and dropped her off at the groomers on the way to W.W. today and she was just shivering in the car..I would like to get that sewn up this week too.

I wrapped all of the gifts I have so far and put them under the tree last night. I have a few gifts that I ordered online so they aren't here yet..

We are still without a stove, don't have a clue as to when it will show up. Right now I don't think it will even be before Christmas!! We are making due with what we have and so far so good.

Hope everyone has a great Wednesday..


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