Sunday, December 28, 2008

*Moving posts from old blog* Our new stove

Can you tell that I am a little excited

Today's plans kind of went by the wayside. When I got up I started laundry, and then decided to make an unexpected trip to the craft store to get a stencil to put up for a border in the kitchen. Since the stove was pulled out and Roger re-did the grout he also painted over my old checkerboard stenciled border. I was thinking of putting up a wall paper border and well Roger just hates wall paper. I like it but it is certainly not easy to take down or re-do so we decided just this morning to do another stencil. I love green plants but because of my very badly behaved cat can only have a the fake kind. So I got an ivy stencil and did the wall behind were the stove goes. That is all I did today, the rest of the kitchen will have to wait for after Christmas. Since I got that done Roger decided later in the afternoon to go ahead and put the stove in. It should have been pretty easy but the support bar on the back of the stove hit exactly where the outlet was for the stove plug. Thankfully I am blessed to be married to a man who can do everything, including moving an electrical plug. He got that moved and presto I have a wonderful new stove. Roger worked very hard on this stove with having to replace some tile, replace all of the grout, painting the wall and then the actual stove installation, I just love him so much....

The stove and the stenciling turned out real nice, it looks real different in there now and that's only with part of the stenciling done, just wait till it all gets done...

Here are some pictures of the stenciling and the new stove (I really love it!!)

This is the new stove~

This is some of the stenciling~

This is what it looks like looking toward the entry way~

This is what it looks like looking toward the refrigerator (excuse the mess on the refrigerator)~

This is the control panel on the front of the stove~

Now take a good look at the next picture, it's of the inside of the stove~probably the only time it will ever look this clean~

This is the warming drawer~

So there you have it my new stove and the stenciling all in pictures...I just love my new stove and the ivy~

Now I am hoping for a sewing day tomorrow, Roger is going to be going over to his Mom's house for a few hours tomorrow so I can get some sewing done when he is gone...still want to spend some time with him while he is home so I try not to spend too much time on the computer or sewing when he is here.


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