Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My shopping trip to Joann's today!!

Okay so it wasn't a big shopping trip but hey any time I can go and buy fabric or even just go look at all that pretty fabric all lined up I am a happy camper!

Today's expedition was to get some fabric for some Valentine projects, oh they had tons of pretty things and I finally settled on these~

Then I also bought some blue fleece that was in the remnant section and the remnants were 70% off. I got a yard and a half of the wide fleece for $1.60 and I got the pink fleece in the above picture for $1.02...I just love bargains..I picked up 7 spools of regular thread and 3 spools of embroidery thread for the embroidery part of my machine. I love hand embroidery but do like to use the machine for certain things.

Also in the pictures above you will see that I bought a few yards of pink Kona cotton, awaiting to have a pattern put on them (when it arrives in the mail) and I also got a couple yards of some light beige colored(that's not the actual name I just forgot the name of the color) for an embroidery piece I want to make for the kitchen (I found something I like and it has a rooster on it).

I have lots of plans for the upcoming days and weeks, figure if my hands are busy maybe I won't think about food so much.

I pray that everyone has a very blessed and Happy New Year



  1. The fabrics you chose are beautiful Joann. I was married on Valentine's Day so I am kinda partial to the holiday lol!

  2. Kona "snow" is the one I always buy. Not quite white, but not beige either.
    Your fabrics are all so beautiful. Pinks are wonderful. I always add some brown to mine, although I did not do that with Emerson's quilt...well now that I think of it I guess I did do a Sunbonnet Suzy in a pink and brown dress.
    Yeesh...I am rambling I am so tired!!
    Oh yeah...congrats on the weight loss. I am "stuck" and have to look at my food. I either need to cut back on the coffee (non-dairy creamer has carbs) or it is the 1/2 of an apple dipped in natural peanut butter I eat every day. One of those things has to be it...


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