Sunday, December 28, 2008

First (New) post on new blog, Hello everyone!!

I am hoping that everyone had a wonderful Christmas. I put a post up at my old blog with pictures of our Christmas, so if anyone is interested in seeing those pictures the address for that blog is

I have in the last day moved over some of the posts I wanted to keep here to this new blog. I am hoping that my friends over at the old one will bookmark my new blog address and visit often. I also plan on making some new friends here too..

I made a list about a year or two ago about some changes I would like to make in my life and I still have that list.I seem to be working on it all the time so once again it is my goal for the New Year to work on as many areas that I can.

I got some money from Mom for Christmas and I ordered some patterns from CrabappleHill Studios, they have the prettiest patterns for embroidery..can't wait for it to come. Also I am planning a shopping trip to Joann's(My favorite store) on Wednesday to buy some Kona cotton (Thanks Linda for letting me know about Kona) and to get some thread-they are having a sale for 50% off, can't beat that.

I plan on doing tons of embroidery this coming year and also try my hand at some quilting of some small things....nothing bigger than a small wall hanging. So if you are reading this blog and you do any type of embroidery or quilting please leave a comment with your blog address so I can visit and see what you are doing...

I am new to this blogger thing and so my posts are kind of weird, I can't seem to put the pictures in right and also haven't figured out yet how to put a link and be able to edit it to just the person's name instead of the whole thing showing please bear with me while I make the adjustment.

My New Life~ in 2009

1) Husband~ Give him more respect, Serve him more. Make him feel very special. Be his helpmeet.

2) Children~Pray continually for my children, and grandchildren.

3) Home~ Keep things more organized and clean. Do things daily to keep it presentable

4) Friends~ Keep in touch better, be very open and not judgemental~No putting people down

5)Self~ Take better care of myself, eating better, getting more rest, see dentist and doctor more often when needed instead of putting it off.

6) Family~ (this is talking about my mom and sisters) Try to just "go with the flow" instead of causing problems. Don't let things bother me so much. Be more loving and willing to listen to them more.

7) God~ Make a point of spending more time with God, in prayer and in reading the Bible.

May everyone have a very safe and wonderful New Year...

See you in 2009



  1. Welcome to blogspot! I've read your blog regularly over at homestead but I rarely comment there. I'm real happy to see you here. My daughter loved the pictures you shared earlier in the season of the embroidered dish towels you had made for family members ;) Those were really pretty. We do learn from you, just by reading your blog and looking at your pictures. I'm going to add your blog to my blog roll. Come and see me sometime!

    Have a blessed evening!

  2. Hi, thanks for commenting on my blog! I love your new blog design and your 2009 goals. I'm planning to do a "watermelon sampler" wall hanging in 2009, so that might be something like you plan to do for a small quilting project. Here's a picture of the pattern:

    Debbie J.

  3. I am so glad you are a blogger now!! It was hard to follow your other blog cause it would not update in my feeds. The pics and links are SO easy here. If you need help just let me know.
    Kona cotton is wonderful for embroidery...Linda shared that with me also...but it is a booger to hand quilt through! I look forward to seeing your Joann's finds!


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