Sunday, July 3, 2011

Life is too short.....

I have heard this comment many times but until recent events in my life it really wasnt' that powerful of a saying. I myself have said it many times in the past but didn't really take into consideration what it actually meant.

This whole stupid horrible thing that is going on with me and my son Mattie just has to stop and since Mattie is an adult and can do whatever he wants then that leaves me I am also an adult and I am responsible for what I do and how I react to things, I am not responsible for Mattie's way of looking at things but I do have to be responsible for my own actions. I got mad at Mattie and his new wife because they did not tell me that they had already gotten married. Part of why I was mad was becasue I didnt' understand what it would matter if I knew or not. I have only met his new wife 2 times and I really like her. I am very happy that they are married and I truly do wish them all the best in life. This is were the life is too short part comes in....I could sit back and be angry at them both and never have any contact with them, but Life is TOO short for that, I dont' have time for it nor do I want to waste my time even thinking about it. So as humbling as it was I I sent Sara a text and then called her, she didnt' seem like she was mad but then I really dont' know her that well. I also recently sent them both a wedding card telling them that I am happy for them.I am trying to think in my mind(Please quit laughing everyone, I do have somewhat of a mind :) what does it say in the Bible and of course forgiveness is the first thing I though of, if I expect God to forgive me every time that I make a mistake and fail then I have to offer forgiveness to them for not telling me and just get on with life. They sara and Mattie may not think they need my forgiveness, but them needing it and me giving it is two totally different things. I am forgiving out of obidience to my God. This of course doesnt' mean that I am now just going to let every thing roll off my back and not say what I am thinking but like it or not I AM Mattie's Mom, I will ALWAYS be Mattie's mom, and no one not even Mattie himself can take that away from me. I love him unconditionally, no matter what and I am very proud of the nice young man he has turned into. I am also very proud of the fact that he is a soldier. Mattie does not read my blog but I just needed to write this out to get it off my chest. I do feel better now.


  1. You are absoluty right Joann about forgiveness...You are a wonderful person and I really do believe that God will fix everything for you and Mattie.Thank you for teaching and writing a post about forgiveness because we all need to learn to forgive because like you said what if God was not a forgiving God then we would all be in trouble right......Also we do not talk must but thank you for being such a wonderful friend, you and the family are always in my prayers....


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