Monday, February 15, 2010

Picture of the new living room furniture..finally!

I know this post is much later than I had planned and even yet the living room isn't exactly done but it was at least kind of clean today so I took some pictures.

Here is where our old tv used to be, we now have our old couch along that wall, notice there is nothing on the wall, it's all sitting next to the couch waiting for me to get busy and put things up.~

This is our new TV and stand, I really like the stand and it's built very good.~

New recliners are on the wall with the window, where one of our couches used to be~

We bought another black bookcase and are using it for our DVD's~

You may have also noticed the little "pen" sitting by the fireplace, that of course is where I have Mandy when she isn't in her crate. She is so small and so fast I am afraid I will loose her in the house.
We bought the pen at Walmart yesterday after picking up some other much needed puppy essentials~

Roger gave Mandy her first bath last night~

Here she is on her little pink blanket~

Molly and Mandy playing outside~


  1. I love those recliners!!! Everything looks great. Hint: about the pee pads for Mandy... someone let me in on this secret and it saves $$$. Do you guys have a Dollar General in your neighborhood? If so, buy the adult pads (like you would use on the bed)... they are much larger and the cost is less than puppy pads. I love them!!!

  2. oh my word! your pups are the CUTEST!!!!

    And you room remake looks great :)

    ~ Emily N. from "too Blessed to Stress"


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