Sunday, October 18, 2009

I finished the curtains for the grandkids...

I finished up the curtains that I made for Katie and Dylan's bedrooms in time to bring them with us when we went over for Katie's birthday party on Saturday.

I just made seperate valances Princess for Katie's room and Transformers for Dylan's room. Then I used flat sheets $3 each for curtains underneath. We tied them up and Jennifer was very happy with them and so were the grandkids..

Dylan's curtains~

Katie's curtains~

I was happy to get them done so I could mark them off my list, I am still working on the stitcher's angel swap items but they will be in the mail very soon.



  1. oh wow Joann what a beautiful job you have done on the curtains they look fabulous,cheers vickie

  2. Great idea, using the flat sheets! Alot less expensive than fabric! Love the toppers you made!

  3. Sweet curtains Joann, You did a nice job. Happy Grandchildren too Praise the LORD! Happy sewing Roxanne

  4. Absolutely adorable!!! I'm sure those grandkids are so happy to have those fabulous curtains.


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