Sunday, October 4, 2009

Taking pictures of Grandchildren!!!

Has anyone here had the same problem taking pictures either of their children or grandchildren?? It seems that almost all the pictures I end up getting are just a blur, especially with Dylan. Then it goes from not being still to some goofy poses. This is what I got on Saturday when all I was trying to do was get a picture of Katie and Dylan with the shirts on that we bought them at the Louisville Zoo.
Take #1 ~ Asked them to sit on the sofa and take a picture, first they were both sitting on the ends with all this room in between so we asked them to scoot closer. I wanted a picture so you could see the shirts and Dylan grabs pillows to put in front of them~

Take #2~ Now both of you smile, are you kidding, you either get no smile or one smiling and one with their eyes closed~

Take #3~ In this one they are both smiling but Katie started to move away from Dylan!! ~

Take #4~ This one they are both smiling and no pillows in front but at the last minute Dylan had to scoot himself up higher~

Take #5~ The last one and did they cooperate NO Dylan is tilting his head funny~

They loved the shirts, Dylan's favorite colors are green and orange and the shirt we found him is green with orange lettering on it saying " Crazy Monkey" and it has monkeys on it wich he really liked. Katie's shirt is a cute bright pink and has an elephant on it and says "I'm unforgettable"
All of the pictures came out cute but I just wanted one that was "normal" looking oh well I will always have these cute pictures :)
Hope everyone has a great start to their week, I have many things planned in the keeping of my home and in my crafts.


  1. I certainly can relate to your frustration! :o) I have an almost 3-year-old, and whenever he does something cute, you grab the camera and he suddenly wants to just do this big cheesy grin, with his eyes squeezed tight closed! UGH! :o)
    Your pics turned out cute tho, and does show their personality! :o)

  2. Joann you have some beautiful grandchildren, and they are so blessed to have such a wonderful, God fearing grandmother. I don't have grandchildren as you know already but I have little ones and it is hard to get them to be still to take a picture for me too :)


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