Sunday, October 18, 2009

Katie turns 3

Saturday we went over to Jennifer and Chris' house for Katie's birthday party. It was all decorated for a princess party. Katie was wearing a Snow white dress when we got there but some time before we left she had changed into a sleeping beauty dress???

Here is our little princess~

Her castle cake~

Getting ready to blow out the candle~

she got tired of waiting for everyone to come see her blow out the candle so she just sat down on the table and waited~

Her eating her cake~

Her with her new doll~

I also finished up the curtains I was making for the grandkids bedrooms

Dylan with his curtains~

Katie with her curtains~

And here is what I was talking about getting something new, New glasses..they are very different from my old ones. As the lady at the optical department said they are very bold. That's what I wanted something different...well that's what I got, Roger really likes them and so do I!!

Sorry the picture has a phone up to my ear but I was talking with Matthew!!!! He was able to call and he got to talk with everyone including Dylan and Katie all together we talked for an hour and a half. I was so nice to be able to hear his voice. I text him daily but don't get to actually talk to him too much.

Me and my new glasses~

Hope everyone has a wonderful week ahead.



  1. That looks like a great party! Jimmy is going to be 3 in January - I guess I better start figuring out his theme. Probably Diego or dinosaurs! :o)
    I love the new glasses! I went a bit bold last time I got new glasses, it is nice for a change!
    And so glad you got to talk to Matthew! I am sure that made your day!

  2. Awwwww, Happy Birthday to Katie!! Her mama did a beautiful job creating the perfect Princess party! Love the curtains!
    Your glasses are perfect!!! I LOVE them! I need new glasses and plan to go "bold" too! ;)

  3. I love the new glasses Joann, you look very pretty, Also tell Katie I said happy birthday and she was just as pretty has a princess in all her princess attire. I love the curtains they fit their rooms perfect.


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