Saturday, October 31, 2009

One year of Weight Watchers!

I know that it isn't the 5th of November yet but since I had the time I decided that I would put up my one year picture to compare with the first picture I had Roger take when we first started doing Weight Watchers.

Here is my begining picture~ I know how horrible I look and how big I was~

Side view~

Front View~

This picture was taken today~ 55.6 pounds lost

Side View ~

Front View~

I know there isn't a real big change and I have many more pounds to loose but it is coming off!! Just way slower than I want it to...

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. I got to talk with Matthew last night for 2 hours so my weekend started out so great. I have already booked his flight home for the 18th of December and then he will be going back on the 3rd of January for a little more additional training and then will go to his first duty station, we don't know where that will be yet but hope he finds out soon. I am so excited 49 more days till I see him again, I sure hope the time goes by fast.



  1. Way to go Joann..that is great about your weight loss..your looking good
    I bet Dec. 18th won't get here fast enough
    for you...
    Sweet Blessings...

  2. Hey, 55 pounds is 55 pounds! In a year's time, you could have done nothing for your health--that would have been "not much," but as it is, you've come a long way!

    Congratulations and keep it up! :D

  3. Congratulations! You can see a difference. I wish I had your fortitude.

    ~Mrs. M

  4. You look great!! I noticed the difference and I also noticed how much happier you look! That counts for a lot!!

    Keep up the great work! I'm starting another go at weight watchers myself.

  5. This is so inspiring Joann! Keep up the good work!

    Many Blessings,


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