Friday, October 16, 2009

How does this look??

I did some major cleaning in my living room today and my back is really telling me I probably did too much. I moved all the furniture and cleaned under it with the vacuum. Of course I did not move the TV as it is too large and we had just moved it last weekend to hook up our new Blue Ray DVD player and while it was away from the wall I took the vacuum and cleaned everything I could reach...

Anyway we have a strange set up for a living room every wall has something on it!! What I mean by this is there is either a door way leading to the hallway, a door, a big window, a fireplace, and a doorway leading into the kitchen.

Here are pictures of all the four walls in my living room so you kind of get the idea~

The south wall~ Big Window and the door to the back patio~

North Wall~ Entry to kitchen and entry to hallway~

West Wall~ The TV wall~

East Wall~ Fireplace in the middle of it~

The reason for this post is that I moved one of our couches away from the wall and was wanting to get a girls opinion on whether it looks stupid or not. Roger says he likes what I did with angleing the couch but then he is a guy and not an interior decorator so figured I would ask my trusted wonderful friends on my blog.

The whole reason there is a problem with the furniture is because of the TV, it's a 65" Projection TV and basically takes an entire wall all by itself and there is no other wall it can be on because of the way it's hooked up (satelite cables, surround sound etc..) everything~ All the cables run under our house so to move the TV would be a major major event and one Roger does not want to do until we buy a new TV. We will not be buying a new TV for quite some time, this one works great and we really like it. We love to watch movies and just love having the big TV. The problem is that both of our couches were sitting up against both walls so that in order to see the TV one of us has to sit and turn our head just to see it (does this make sense?). I figured if I pulled the one couch out and put it at an angle you could sit there and be able to see the TV real good. But I am thinking it may look a little stupid to have it kind of sticking out in the room!! Since it's just me and Roger I am mainly doing this for our enjoyment but I also don't want to have company come by and think I am a nut case for putting it like that....I have plenty of people who think I am a nut case already don't need to give them more ammunition :) :)

Here is what the couch looks like that I took away from the wall~

This is the new living room arrangement~ this is taken from the entry/hallway and I know it's kind of blurry but it will have to do~

I am sure you all get the idea, so please let me know what you think about how it looks, I want your true honest opinions. I know I can count on you all to tell me the truth, that's why I like you all so much :)

Tomorrow We are going over to Jennifer's house for our little granddaughter's 3rd bithday, it's going to be a princess birthday because after all she is our little princess!! I will take lots of pictures to show you all. I also will be posting a picture of something I picked up today for myself that is real cool looking and I am very happy with that's all I am going to say for now you will have to wait for tomorrow to see what I got!!!

Hope everyone has a very blessed and wonderful weekend



  1. I am praying I can comment....the last 2 times I tried, it did not work.
    I wanted to tell you I do not understand where you think you are a "Bad" keeper of the home!!! You are a very clean and organized person and your home is always beautiful and well kept. Your husband is taken care of and you spend your free time making beautiful things for your home, reading, and so what if you spend some time watching tv or taking a rest! You deserve it!
    I LOVE the couch pulled away from the wall. It flows. What is important is how does it "feel"? If it feels good, it is good. You can tell if the flow of a room is off. Leave it for a few days and see what you think then. I personally like the look!!!

  2. I am one of those that does not like change, but I find if I *live* with something a few days, I will decide then if I like something rearranged that way. (My MIL, on the other-hand, rearranges her furniture every week, it seems!) I like the layout you have, with the couch pulled out from the wall. We have the same problem, with all our walls having *something* about them that makes it difficult to rearrange.
    Have fun at the birthday party!

  3. I like the couch pulled away from the wall. I'm not too good at interior decorating, but I like it. Joann, be careful moving furniture! Im not a good one to be telling you this because I move stuff all the time too.... :o)

  4. All those staging shows on HGTV are always saying pull the furniture away from the walls. I really do like your couch away from the wall like that. I wish I had room to do that in my living room, but we had to turn half of it into a dining room, so it's too crowded. Your room looks so comfy and inviting.


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