Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Weigh in Wednesday????

Okay so maybe that title isn't exactly true! I am changing my weigh in day to Friday's. I was noticing that I have not put up a weigh in post since back in July. One of the reasons is that I have been on and off the Weight watchers program, some days following it and some not. I was going through some real stressful times and I am a stress eater. So now I am trying to get my life back to somewhat normal. My total weight loss as of Last Friday was 51.4 pounds, not very good considering my total weight loss back in July was 50.2 but I am very thankful that in the end I am still loosing. I did put some of that weight back on but have managed to get it back off again.
I am also not going to the meetings anymore. I was paying $40 a month and really liked going but it wasn't helping and now that I am weighing at home I seem to be doing better. It of course helps to have a very supportive husband :)

I will be posting on Friday's now so look for Weigh in Friday's, I know not as cool sounding as Weigh in Wednesday's but I am starting to post over at Sugar Pie Farmhouse and they weigh in on Friday's. I may even have a new picture up for my Jo's weight loss journey posts.


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