Thursday, June 25, 2009

My new quiet time area

Since we have gotten our back yard pretty much done and the mornings are so nice and cool. We moved our large table and chairs to the back patio a couple of days ago. We plan on eating out there when the weather isn't too hot, but the main reason for moving it back there was that I wanted to use it for my quiet time. I usually weed for about 20-30 minutes every morning around 5:45AM the sun isn't up yet but there is light. I realized just how quiet and cool it was when I was done weeding and me and Molly would just sit out there for a while, enjoying the sound of the birds. I thought that this would be a perfect place for my Bible reading. So I asked Roger if we could move the big table from the front and put it back here so I would have some where to place things like my little prayer journal, my current Bible Study book and of course my Bible. It works perfectly, Molly enjoys being out there with me and will go sit in one of the planters where the sun hits and I can sit there as long as I want to enjoy my time with the Lord. The patio area stays shady all day until about 6PM and then it has sun for only a short amount of time and by the time Roger gets home it is shady enough to eat out there. I have been spending an extra amount of time in the Word this past week and have gleened so much from it.

So here is a picture of my new quiet area, it's not a corner but it is a place where I feel so close to the Lord~

Here are my books, and Bible~

I also have updated pictures of our dining area, I took whatever I already had on the wall in there and sanded and repainted..I also changed out the picture in the frame, that I painted green, above the quilt shelf..can you believe it's just a gift bag from the dollar store that I cut and it put in there, it fit beautifully. The shelf with the hearts on it is one that I had picked up from a garage sale a few weeks back and I painted it black. The quilt shelf used to be an oak color and I just sanded it and painted it black also and it turned out pretty nice. The little picture to the left of the quilt shelf is one that I found at the thrift store it too was oak colored and I painted it green. I still have the frame of the bulletin board to paint and the little cabinet that is a light color. They will both be painted hopefully by this next week. I am planning on painting the cabinet black and green and the frame of the bulletin board black. Now I just need to get the binding on my little wall hanging to hand on the quilt shelf and the room will be finished. I am still looking for things to put on the little heart shelf, I found the salt and pepper shakers at the thrift store for 50 cents each. I also got the heart crocks at the thrift store for 20 cents each...not sure what else I want to put on there it just doesn't look right to me yet.

So here are the pictures~

The wall with the things painted~

The whole dining area~



  1. Your dining area looks great. Is the "pray for peace" a gift bag? Looks GREAT! I like your quiet time table too... looks very relaxing.

  2. Just dropped in to say hi..hugs khris


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