Friday, June 5, 2009

Things I did yesterday afternoon....

Yesterday afternoon I decided to take the plunge and start pinning my wall hanging for the kitchen. You would think this is as important as some million dollar item for the time and thinking I have put into this. In reality it is a couple of stitched items that I put together and want to quilt and hang in our dinning area. Anyway, whenever I do anything it takes me forever because I am so worried about making a mistake. I wish I could get over that! I have tons of patterns for things that I would love to try but I always talk myself out of doing them because I just know that I will fail. My husband is always telling me just do it, what's the worse that could happen, so you might have to buy some more fabric it's not that big of a deal. He is right but my brain just won't look at it that way. I have tons of fabric that I have visions in my head of what I think I want to make them into but I just never follow through with it. So with that all being said, today I pinned together my wall hanging and then I took it right to the machine (okay I did sit and look at it for about an hour first, contemplating on what will go wrong) and quilted it!! This is a big step for me. Roger had bought me an open toe walking foot for my machine and I put it on, followed the directions and it worked so wonderfully. I loved working on it. Of course this is my first time of quilting anything so I did make some mistakes and yes I know you can see them, but I decided that everything takes time and practice and there will be mistakes. I am keeping my mistakes in this wall hanging so I will remember how I started out, not perfect but at least trying.

So here are some pictures of my pinning and quilting~

All pinned and ready to be stitched~

The open toe walking foot attatched~

Ready to make my first stitch~

End of the first row~

All done front~

All done back~

Then it was onto getting dinner ready, I just knew that everyone would love to see what I made for dinner. I made roasted chicken, potaotes and carrots. This is one of our favorite meals and is so easy to make. Basically you just throw it all together and then put olive oil and garlic pepper on and put a little chicken broth in the bottom. I put foil over it and put it in the oven at 350' until it's done. I use a meat thermometer and check the chicken. It usually takes about an hour and a half. If it gets ready before Roger gets home I put it into our warming drawer at the bottom of the stove and keep it there till he gets home.

Dinner prep,I cut all the ends off of the carrots and then I peel them, that candle is a Casaba melon fragrance and it smells so good!!~

Here everything is getting ready to go in the oven~

Here the chicken, potatoes and carrots have the olive oil and garlic pepper on them~

Dinner is ready, doesn't it look good??~

While dinner was cooking I had to fill up our dog food container with the dog food I had picked up earlier in the day.

This is the kind of food we feed Molly, it's great, very good for her, and she loves it~

Here is a picture of the front of the bag, I like the bison and wolves on the front and I love the name of the food~

Here is the container we keep the food in, It's not the brand we use but the pet shop owner gave it to us for free so we use it~

It's all cleaned up and ready to be filled~

Here the container is all filled up, Molly will be very happy now~


  1. You did a WONDERFUL job!!! Now we need to try hand quilting ;)!!!
    Your dinner looks great. We had swiss steak...the kind with tomatoes, peppers and onions cooked over cube steak in the crock pot all day and served it with brown rice. I have the grandkids overnight and of course TJ needed to get an ice cream is a grandma's house thing...I was a good girl and got some fat free/sugar free frozen yogurt. It was to the turtle sundae Sweetheart had!

  2. Joann, you did a great job on the quilting. Your stitchery is beautiful. I agree with your husband. Just do it! The Lord does not expect us to be perfect, only to do our best, not fret over it and try again. I have the very first quilt I quilted and cringe every time I look at it, but I love it! Puckers everywhere! lol I'll have to find a picture of it.

  3. Hi Joann,

    Your wallhanging turned out great! My machine is old, but I finally found a quilting/walking foot for it a while back. It makes such a difference! I don't see any mistakes in yours, but I sure do make them in my machine quilting!

    I need to try your version of the roasted chicken, since my dh loves carrots.

    You had a very productive afternoon!

    Debbie J.


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