Sunday, June 28, 2009

I am Excited....

When I walked into Church today I was very excited to see a bulletin and sign up sheet for a Woman's Bible Study. Our Church is very small, when we first started going about 6 years ago there were only about 30 people and now I would guess there are close to 100 so we have been definately growing. When it was smaller there was really not enough people to do an actual seperate Bible Study, but now since we have gotten bigger they are starting one. It starts this coming Thursday and the book they are doing was one I have been wanting to do. The book is called "Having a Mary heart in a Martha world".~

I already have the book as I was supposed to do the study with my wonderful friends that I had met online and had known for about 2 years until the one (supposed)friend of mine decided she no longer wanted to be friends with me, with still to this day no reason or at least not letting me in on because of this the other 3 pepople decided that I shouldn't be allowed to join in the study, even though there was NO reason for this person not wanting me there. I guess just because she said she didn't want me to do it that was enough. Please be careful out there people, when you think you meet nice people online, they may end up being "wolves in sheeps clothing". These very nice "Christian" people really showed there true Christianity to sisters in Christ they thought it appropriate to just cut me out without even one person having the guts to tell me WHY, that was all I ever asked for...tell me the horrible thing that I did to make people who are supposed to be Christians basically hate me...
Anyway now I have another opportunity to do the study and I am excited. I am also doing the "Becoming a Titus 2 woman" with 2 very nice Christian ladies that I met through my blog, they are genuine Christians and I will have so much fun doing both of these studies.

My other excitement is that my wonderful husband had ordered me a new printer and it got here on Friday, he hooked it up for me on Saturday and now I can return to printing things out for my HMB and finally put up a post about how mine is organized. My Home Management Binder is very different than most that I find out ther online as I have no children at home and I don't homeschool. Mainly it is made up of things I want to print out that I feel are important for being a Keeper at Home. So look for that post hopefully sometime this week. I am also readjusting my daily routines. I had been getting up at 3:30AM with Roger and then seeing him off to work and then doing all of my daily things and then staying up but I was just so tired everyday and then by the end of the week it would all catch up with me and I was just exhausted. So I am going to try something new starting tomorrow and will let you all know how it works out.

Here is what the new printer looks like~ When it arrived on Friday~

And here it is all hooked up, it's so cool~


  1. Joann,
    Know that others are right there with you and are being excluded too. I have no idea why anyone would want to exclude a Christian sister. They should have been thankful that they found a good Christian to include in the group. You don't need them and they're missing out. Wishing you happiness and blessings. Just know that God is watching and he will give back to you what you have lost. It says so in the bible. Blessings.

  2. I always wanted to read that book. Let me know how it is.
    My church is the same size...a little less than 100.

  3. Your Bible study will be wonderful. I've always wanted to get in on a women's study, but never have. I hope you enjoy it. Can't wait to see your new posts with your new printer. :o)

  4. I can tell you are deeply hurt by the actions of your online friends. You could also look at this in a positive way and be thankful God removed insincere friends from your life. They too will reap as they have sown.


  5. Patty is so right! God has put you with the right people - the people He wants you to study with - rather than people who could very well be pretenders.

    Enjoy the the study - it will be wonderful!


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