Tuesday, June 9, 2009


This morning after waking up with yet another headache I made a trip to Home Depot's garden department.

Back to Home Sweet Home~

Time to unload, I came home with 8 red tipped photinias~

one Ave Maria camellia~

4 yellow lantanas~

and 4-6 packs of snapdragons~

We had purchased these two geraniums the other day~

The snapdragons are going in the planter around our tree( I just weeded it yesterday)~

The two red geraniums are going on either side of the fountain~

The lantanas are going in the planter on the East side of our yard where we have 1 butterfly bush~

and two gardenias~(this picture was taken a while back, didn't take a current one)

The camellia is going in the back southwest corner, I have been looking for this particular camellia for a long time, the flowers are a silvery pink and just beautiful.You can see the very back of the yard in this picture of our west side planter. That is where the camellia is going~

On the way home I had to stop and get me a Mc Donald's coke~

Our yard is starting to look like a real back yard, it's been so long since there has been any color at all back there.

I also have to show you two great shelves that I found at a garage sale on Saturday, it was just around the corner from our home so we stopped on our way to a graduation party, I got both shelves for $10~

I plan on painting them either black or barn red and hanging them in my dining area. That is the plan right now but I may change my mind and put them somewhere else, you never know.


  1. Joann, you must share pictures with us when everything is in bloom. Your backyard will be beautiful. You got a great bargain on those shelves. I love them. They will look lovely painted black or barn red, or any other color really. LOL Have a great day. Hope your headache goes away.

  2. Oh....I want to come help you plant!!! LOL What fun!

    I love your shelves - that was a great purchase.

  3. Your gardens will look gorgeous! Thanks for popping over to say Hi :) and for your kind words.

  4. Girl! That's a LOT of work!!! Did you get everything planted? I have started only buying two or three things at a time... just so I don't exhaust myself. :o)


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