Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My Cozy Corner

DeNiece Barnes who has a wonderful blog had a post today about her Cozy corner. Her corner is just wonderful, very comfy looking and well used by her in her Bible reading. I decided to put up my "Cozy corner" even though it isn't technically a corner. My spot where I have my quiet time is a place where I sit to read the Bible, other books and where I also do embroidery. Our couches have recliners in them so it is a very comfy spot for me.

My Cozy corner~

My Bible all ready for tomorrows Bible reading ( I am following the Chronological reading)~

Very Cozy looking ins't it?

Thank you DeNiece for letting us see your Cozy corner!



  1. My cozy corner looks alot like yours! I spend a lot of time quilting at the end of my couch. I also have a corner in my bedroom, but my favorite one is at the end of the couch.

  2. I use the end of the love seat. My lighting isn't that great in my livingroom, so I have to be right under the lamp.

  3. AWWW how comfy! I just love alone time with the Lord.

  4. I love your cozy corner! I would just love to be on that big couch of yours reading my Bible! God bless, Rose


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