Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Beautiful Tuesday morning and a prayer request

Today I spent most of my time with the Lord praying for my son Matthew. He left on June 1st for Ft. Jackson South Carolina to attend classes so he could take his GED as he never finished high school and got a diploma. Since he has been gone he has called 4 times that I missed his call and finally on Sunday I was home when he called so the first time I had talked with him since he left. I have received a letter each week from him, but it's not the same as talking with him. When I talked with him on Sunday he sounded good but a little down as he has passed all of the tests for the GED except for the english part, doesn't suprise me at all he never did well in english. The bad part is he has one more chance to pass and then if he doesn't he will just be sent home, no going on to basic training no active duty in the Army for him and I am so worried about what he will do if he doesn't pass. Today I was lifting my son up to the Lord and praying first that he will pass the english part of the test but also praying that if that doesn't happen that HE would show Matthew what the next step in his path should be. If any of you out there would~please pray for my son I would so greatly appreciate it.

Today's sunrise was just beautiful, I know it doesn't look all that great with a power line going through it but I just love the look of the sky when the sun comes out....

It's 7AM here and my morning chores and cleaning chores are done for the day, basically I am free until time to make dinner. I plan on spending some time sewing and embroidering.

I am praying that everyone has a wonderful Tuesday...



  1. I will say a prayer Joann. I know how it is to want your children to do well and to be happy.

  2. I'm praying for your son. Keep us posted.


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