Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Joann comes clean.....

Okay I just got back(been here about an hour) from taking my beloved's Chevy Blazer to the Auto Shop and I came here to blogger and there were these very nice comments. I loved all the comments, but I want you all to know that I am not some kind of super human, can do all things, kind of person. I am just a regular human being and like all the other homekeepers out there, have my good and bad days. Yes even those who say they are happy every day will have a bad day now and then. There has always been one thing I wanted for this blog to portray and that was me, just me. No lies about how wonderful my life is, no pretending to be someone who I am not. Just plain ME!! So with that being said I just had to come and tell you about what I just realized....Like I said I have been home about an hour and yes all of my morning and cleaning chores are done. BUT... when I came home I walked in did a few things and then was walking back into the kitchen and this is what I saw~ **you can click on any picture and it will enlarge**

I know it doesn't look that bad and yes my sink is still shiny, but look at all the stuff sitting on the counter that shouldn't be there, lets see I poured myself some Diet Mt. Dew left the can on the counter. There is a clean cup that should have been put away, A Dish towel is laying on the counter...see ladies this is real life and I am not afraid to show it to you all. It only took a few minutes and it is looking much better~

And here is the dining table, it's the first thing when you come in from the garage so everything gets set on it...Lets see a pair of shoes that need to go back to the store, the paper work and check book from going to the Auto shop, some packing tape--got to have some packing tape on your table at all times Yeesh!! And all other kinds of odds and ends...

It looks much better now~

You would think the living room would be better well you would be WRONG~

Here are the towels waiting for me to fold, the curtain for our bathroom that my beloved will put up for me when he has the extra time, and some embroidery things.

Sorry this next picture is so dark I think the flash didn't go off~

That picture has a couple of blankets laying about and some shoes on the floor and of course a dog toy!!

This picture is much better, all cleaned up and it only took a few minutes~

Got a question for you, how many dog toys do you think one very small dog needs, the answer is as many as she can store in her dog bed, we are at 15 counting the one under the dining table!!!

Well there you have it ladies, I am a real person, I live a real life. Ask me anything and I will tell you the truth. I am not afraid to show you all who I am and what I do or what I think. Just because I live like I do doesn't mean it is for everyone. I believe that I am to be at home to be the keeper of our home, not working outside the home and for me this is the right decision.

Someone asked in the comments about the pages in my HMB and yes the paper is from Walmart and I just typed them up in my Word program and printed them out. I plan on doing a post on my HMB but it isn't ready yet. I am very much into things looking nice and color coordinated so I am trying to get all of my sections to look nice.



  1. I was just coming here to tell you what an inspiration you have been to me since I found your blog last week. Then I see this post and I love you even more. I have been looking for a blog by someone closer to my age and who is real and who would inspire me to become closer to Jesus and to keep a great attitude about homekeeping. Your blog it just that. Thank you for being real and for being a huge inspiration to me!


  2. Yep, your real. You never pretended not to be. Now that you get up early, you just get everything done quicker!!

  3. You know what I totally understand where you are coming from, I too have my good and bad days,and know I don't get everything done, but to God be the glory anyway. I think you are a wonderful woman from what I have read on your blog so far, and like you said noone is happy everyday Why ? because live can throw some unexpected curve balls that can make one cry. No one is perfect but our father in heaven thank you so much for this wonderful post, I myself want to let all the ladies know that read my blog that I am in no shape perfect, I can get lazy at times, sometimes we go out and eat fast food, because I dont feel like cooking, and so on.... please continue to blog, love visiting you.

  4. I am in agreement with Patty! It's nice to see someone nearer my age who is still striving to be the best homemaker that she can!

    Thanks for keeping it real, Joann!


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