Friday, June 19, 2009

Another shopping trip to Joann's

Have I ever mentioned the fact that Joann's is one of my favorite stores. Maybe it's because it has the same name as me :)

When I came home the other day and showed Roger what I had purchased I mentioned that the thread was 50% off and that it was a real good deal. So being the most wonderful husband he said I should go back and get some more so of course I did!!

THis shopping trip I also picked up some fabric too and I ended up with 12 spools of beautiful thread...

I hope everyone has a very blessed weekend. I am feeling so much better and plan to be back to blogging more consistently come Monday Morning. Thank you so much to all who either left comments or sent e-mails, it's nice to have such nice friends and to be missed...



  1. wow Joann, I have never seen fabric with life like birds like you have got there, what a great mixture of fabric you got -great score, cheers Vickie

  2. I love Joanne's! I used to live about 20 minutes away from one. But we moved out of state. I think the nearest one is 2 hours now. We live in a rural area. It is the saddest thing in the world....... not to live near a Joanne's.
    Mrs. White

  3. Joann, you got some good bargains. I ended up getting out of the store without any thread on my trip earlier in the week. Maybe I need to go back. LOL Of course, I stocked up on thread the last time it was on sale. (grin) Have fun sewing all this up. Glad you are feeling better. Winona

  4. Your Roger sounds a lot like my husband. Aren't we lucky? I've never seen thread like that... is that sewing thread or quilting thread? I love the bird fabric too!

  5. I left you an award at my blog so please stop by and pick it up deary thank you for all your inspiration to ours you are truly a woman from God.


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