Thursday, June 18, 2009

The very long transformation of our backyard

Roger bought our current home way back in 1987(I think??) I only moved in here 10 years ago. We have changed so many things in that 10 years but they all seemed to take so much time. The backyard was one of those changes. In our backyard when I moved in the back patio was partially screened in with some walls, and there were two sheds the size of garages. One of those sheds keeps Roger's old Chevy pickup, the other one is where his utility trailer was stored.

We decided finally in 2005 to start to redo the back yard. We had a company come in and tear down our back fence and take out the shed where the trailer was stored. It was a mess!! For quiet a while we had no back fence, and since we live with a park/school behind us it wasn't that fun to have people be able to just look right in to our yard. We did get a new fence put up, it's a 7' chain link with gray privacy slats in it and we love it. When it gets dirty you can just hose it off and it looks real nice.

We lived with just a dirt backyard for many years and just recently started focusing on it more. We had many projects around the house going on so it took some time. Roger took out all of the walls that were enclosing the patio and it makes it so much more open out there. The patio we are lucky enough goes from one end of the house to the other, lots of room.

So anyway I have some pictures(I took pictures of the older pictures as they aren't digital and my scanner isn't working) to share with you of the process~

Here is what the East side of our yard(this shed is where Roger's truck is) looked like back in 2005~

Here it is when we were getting it ready to plant grass~

This is what it looks like now (yes the shed is still there)~

Here is what the west side of the yard looked like~

After the shed was removed~

This is what it looks like now~

This is the south side of our yard back then~

The new chain link fence~

The south side now~

Here is looking toward the house from the back of the yard with the walls of the enclosed patio~

Here it is all open ~

Here are some pictures of the plants that were recently planted. I bought all of these plants last week and then ended up getting sick so they are going in slowly. Roger has planted almost all of them, he still needs to put the rest of the Photinia bushes along the back fence. I planted the snapdragons around our tree.

Geraniums on either side of the waterfall~

The west side planter with Blue plumbagoes ~

The tree One year old~

The snapdragons around the base of the tree~

The new camellia bush~

Hope you all enjoyed the very long tour of our new back yard. I still have many plans for things back there but they will all come in time.



  1. I enjoyed the tour of your back yard, Joann. You guys have done a wonderful job. It looks great! Enjoy the fruits of your labor.

  2. Gorgeous! and lots of hard work! The yard is so green and pretty and your plants look great. I like your porch area too. 'Hope you are feeling better.


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