Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Weigh in Wednesday

It is Wednesday so that means a Weight Watchers meeting. I had a loss today of only
.2 so since I had gained .2 last week I am back where I was a couple of weeks ago. My total lost so far is 45 pounds. I was kind of expecting a gain since we went out to dinner on Saturday night and I had steak and shrimp!

I have made some more changes in the dining area, did some spray painting of some of the items I already had. Now I am currently working on the shower curtain for the hallway bathroom.

I have also been working on my Home Management Binder but for the past week I have had no printer, guess mine got worn out!! Roger ordered me one but it hasn't come yet. There are some things I want to get printed out before I share it with you all.


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