Sunday, May 31, 2009


Tonight while I was waiting on dinner I cut up a pineapple that I picked up at the store the other day. I don't do very well picking out fruit, but this pineapple is very sweet.

Here is part of the garbage from the pineapple~

And here is the yummy part! Tastes so much better than canned ~

We also picked up some apricots, they aren't quite in season yet here, probably another week or so but these are pretty good~

Our Fruit basket is also full with delicious apples and bannanas~

Of course our dessert for tonight was sundaes!! Can you believe that you can have all of this~

For only 2 or 3 points! Depends on how much ice cream you want. You can have a half cup of ice cream, I waffle bowl, Hershey syrup, and whipped cream for only 2 points and if you want more ice cream then having a cup would make it 3 points...WHOOOOHOOO!!

Hope everyone has a Wonderful Monday...

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