Wednesday, May 13, 2009

New Cell phone!!

One of the first luxuries we gave up when Roger was without work was our cell phones. Since he is now going to be starting a new job on Tuesday the 19th we decided that we needed to get some cell phones.

My friend ~Bren~ showed a phone on her blog a while back and I just loved it. It's called a lotus and it came in Black, Purple or Red. So we went tonight and signed up for Sprint service and I got my Lotus phone. I had originally wanted the red one but I liked the look of the flowery design on the purple one. It is soooooooo Cute!!! I love the fact that it even has purple on the keypad for the numbers and it has a full keyboard.

Here it is~

This is what the inside looks like~

Now I just have to figure out how to use the thing!



  1. Hi Jo....
    Enjoy your new phone....mine (as I said in my email) caused me some email problems until I figured some of it out.
    But they are can do such fun things now!!!

  2. I still have not read the book!!! I figured out the basics and it is fairly easy to use.
    I thought the same thing. Red was a paisley and I like the flowery design on the purple PLUS TJ picked purple!
    We actually got rid of our house phone and only use our cells now so that has been an adjustment.
    Let me know if you figure out any cool tricks. I probably don't know them! I will say that it takes BEAUTIFUL pics and you can load them into your computer and it is an MP3 player too cause you can download music into it. Those buttons on the front that light up when you charge it are your buttons for your music. I have not done it yet, but plan to.
    I am thrilled for you abot Roger's job. You will have to text me some time ;)


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