Thursday, May 21, 2009

A tour of our home

Welcome to our home tour, this will be part one.

After you come in the front door, there is a wall on the right side with all kinds of pictures, I love pictures!

The first door on the right in the hallway is our front bathroom~

The doorway at the end of the hallway is for our bedroom.

This is looking into the master bedroom from the hallway~I love the way the sun comes through in the morning.

This picture is taken looking toward the closet doors~

Our headboard and the pictures above it~

Here are some pictures of the master bathroom~ I have some great plans for decorating in here just haven't gotten it done yet.

The last door in the hallway on the left is Roger's office~

That is all for today, tomorrow I will post some pictures of the living room, and my craft room.


  1. Your house looks great, Joann! I love the headboard. What a fun thing to do to let us see where you live. I'd post pics of my house, but then ya'll wouldn't like me anymore. lol

  2. LOL on Veronica's comment above... I feel the same way. Enjoyed your tour. I like the green and brown in your bathroom.

  3. I found you from Debbie J. at Homemaking Dreams today. I love all the family pictures you have on the wall as soon as you come in the front door. I love pictures, too.


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